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Micros POS System Training

Get full-time Micros POS system training for food & beverage operations at Little Gecko.


Acoustical Remediation

Design and install audio equipment with the size and shape of the space in mind to ensure the best quality sound output and listening results.



Connect your business and customers to strong and reliable internet from every corner of your building.



Use 4G LTE to connect your business and avoid outages when internet fails. Keep your business online all the time with a reliable alternative to the internet connection.



Connect all your computers to share printers, scanners and internet access with amazing speed and reliability.


Audio / Visual

Install in-ceiling speakers, integrated television wiring, projectors and projector screens with the highest quality equipment for your needs.


POE Cameras

Power over Ethernet cameras allow high quality security recording that doesn’t need additional power connections for simplified and streamlined installation and use.



Voice over IP phones let you utilize the internet connection you already have rather than a separate phone line for secure reliable phone service for all your business needs.


Our Promise

Little Gecko Tech provides quality installation and services that will meet or exceed your expectations at amazing prices.


Little Gecko Technology Consulting handles technology installation and upkeep of all kinds. We work with homeowners to make homes run as efficiently as possible, large offices with multiple machines, and businesses like stores and restaurants that require excellent audio and visual equipment for a great customer experience.

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Why Bars and Restaurant need Security Camera -Tips

If you are a restaurant owner, restaurant technology contractors or own a night club or bar, and the venue serves alcohol and there is heavy cash transactions, before opening you must take care of security concerns and must install security cameras in place. The installation of security cameras improves the video surveillance of the place and helps you when there is any mishap occurring in your place. We give here few tips of that the owners of restaurant, bars and night club as what type security cameras to be installed and place where the cameras to be installed.

  1. Use IP or Megapixel Cameras for security: If you have installed a security camera in the place where most cash handling is done or in car then the ordinary security camera is of no use. If your security camera is not IP or megapixel technology, please consider of replacing it with latest technology camera which catch images sharply as one of the main reasons of this camera’s position is to make sure money is handled properly. Megapixel cameras can provide the proof you need in the highest resolution when any need arises.
  2. Ensure that whole picture is captured: Traditional cameras which are stationary have a limited field view and not provide the whole picture. For this reason owners of restaurant and bars installed PTZ cameras (pan, tilt and zoom) but these also don’t pan in whole circle. And you always miss some portion of the covered section as the camera is moved from position to position.

There is no such problem with 360 degree cameras. It can be mounted in the center of restaurant and you’ll be sure to catch all images of activity in that place with no lapses in coverage due to limited field.




  1. Provides protection from law suits and loss of license: The most common reason of having a security camera in restaurant , club, bar and dance floor is slips and falls, claims of over serving, claims of assaults by the aggressors themselves and any other issues and protecting yourself(owners/ employees). With security cameras in place false claim by persons of over serving, slips and falls and any quarrel can be monitored and saved for investigating agencies. This provides protection to restaurant staff and owners from persecution and loss of license.
  2. Low light conditions are fully monitored: Use of day/night and infrared cameras helps to accommodation of darkness and low light problems. These cameras also come into play when burglaries occur when your establishment is closed for business. In low light identification of burglars is crucial. IP and Mega security cameras serve the purpose of facial recognition in court cases as criminals can be recognised without any question.
  3. Protection against shrinkage: Security cameras can help in monitoring the areas where the inventory is kept or in transition. Areas such as loading bays where shipment of stocks arrive, stock rooms, liquor coolers and areas where food and other items are kept, need constant monitoring from dishonest employees indulging in pilferage.
  4. Helps in adhering to health and safety standards: By keeping cameras positioned in the kitchen provides surety that health codes are being followed by your food handling staff. You can know the position of back houses 24/7 and helps you to saves from fines and other penalties by health inspectors.
  5. Helps in Monitoring service areas: By keeping the security cameras positioned on the service areas where food and drinks are being served by your staff, owners can have full control on the restaurant employees and can know that how staff is serving your patrons. Moreover you can also watch any free meals served by staff to their friends and relatives without your knowledge. Keeping an eye on the service areas allows you to offer training and customer behaviours such as traffic flow in the restaurant.
  6. Always on duty: Remote wi-fi router controlled cameras are always on duty even if you are present in the restaurant or not? You can watch your restaurant, bar and any area of your establishment without being there in person. This helps to take business decisions quickly and accurately.

We at Little Gecko Technology consultants at Boston are happy to provide technology services in your restaurant business to lighten your workload by offering POE Security Camera systems, POS System, Micro POS Systems training in Boston, Wi-fi back up internet routers, Video and music acoustics installation in your restaurant, bar, and club. Our main goal is to get your new or running restaurant business up and help to run your restaurant business smoothly.

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