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Micros POS System Training

Get full-time Micros POS system training for food & beverage operations at Little Gecko.


Acoustical Remediation

Design and install audio equipment with the size and shape of the space in mind to ensure the best quality sound output and listening results.



Connect your business and customers to strong and reliable internet from every corner of your building.



Use 4G LTE to connect your business and avoid outages when internet fails. Keep your business online all the time with a reliable alternative to the internet connection.



Connect all your computers to share printers, scanners and internet access with amazing speed and reliability.


Audio / Visual

Install in-ceiling speakers, integrated television wiring, projectors and projector screens with the highest quality equipment for your needs.


POE Cameras

Power over Ethernet cameras allow high quality security recording that doesn’t need additional power connections for simplified and streamlined installation and use.



Voice over IP phones let you utilize the internet connection you already have rather than a separate phone line for secure reliable phone service for all your business needs.


Our Promise

Little Gecko Tech provides quality installation and services that will meet or exceed your expectations at amazing prices.


Little Gecko Technology Consulting handles technology installation and upkeep of all kinds. We work with homeowners to make homes run as efficiently as possible, large offices with multiple machines, and businesses like stores and restaurants that require excellent audio and visual equipment for a great customer experience.

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Installing POS, Wi-Fi Cables During Construction Saves Restaurants Thousands of Dollars

Restaurant construction is one of the most demanding tasks for restaurant owners. To streamline the process, we recommend having trained experts install the necessary cables for Wi-Fi, security cameras, audio, TVs and your POS system while the walls are open during the construction process.



The Importance of Early Installation

Low voltage cabling is the wiring infrastructure within your restaurant’s walls that provides a lifeline for your business. When construction contractors are in the midst of new construction or a restaurant remodel, LittleGecko Technology Consultants are able to complete the wiring process without additional construction costs.

Early Installation Can Save You Money

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners overlook startup costs associated with digital technology while the restaurant construction company’s work is underway. It’s only after the restaurant construction crew closes the walls that it occurs to restaurant owners that wiring is needed for Wi-Fi, audio, the POS system,TV and security systems.

wifi in boston resturants

At this point, the cost skyrockets, as restaurant technology contractors must fish cables thru the closed walls, adding to construction costs. Keeping this in mind, it’s imperative that restaurant owners prioritize wiring from the get-go, and make construction management aware that technology consultants will be installing the needed systems before the construction crew closes the walls.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open is Key

Restaurant owners who need a contractor should make the contractor and restaurant construction crew aware of the installation plan from the start. Working as a contractor is simplified when restaurant owners keep the lines of communication open, so it’s important that all parties are aware of construction and wiring plans.

Construction project management will be impressed by your initiative, thus ensuring a positive relationship and reputation for your restaurant business.

How We Can Help

At LittleGecko, we understand that getting your restaurant up and running is your priority. That’s why we clue you in on tricks of the trade; we are intent on streamlining the process and saving you money when possible.

If your Boston restaurant business is in need of a consultation before or after opening your restaurant, we’re here to help! We arrange a variety of services to lighten your workload, including POS systems, Wi-fi, backup internet, routers, video, music and acoustics. We are up to speed on the latest technologies, and our goal is to get your new restaurant business up and running smoothly. We’d love to help with every aspect related to technology.

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