Solid metals and industrial aesthetics dominate restaurant design trends today. Because of this shift in design, managing acoustics has become increasingly challenging. Little Gecko provides expert acoustical engineering services to optimize performance in acoustically demanding spaces. Our firm brings acoustical remediation to new and existing facilities.

Whether it’s enhancement of acoustical performance, creating an appropriate acoustical environment, isolating a space from outside noise, reducing mechanical system noise levels or community noises ordinances, we have the know-how and equipment to help.

Acoustical Consultation Services

We are a full-service acoustical engineering firm that specializes in all aspects of acoustical remediation measurement, monitoring, analysis and mitigation. We offer acoustical remediation solutions using proprietary materials designed to diminish unwanted noise and vibration.

Little Gecko acoustical engineering services include:

  • Designing and planning
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Structure-borne noise control
  • Vibration isolation
  • Environmental noise control
  • Equipment noise control