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how to increase customer base in restaurant

One business that never go out of trend is the food business, or running a restaurant. Every day new restaurants with exciting themes and new menus, spring up in the market, and it is very essential for the restaurant owners to stay ahead and face the competition.

Customer base or number of customers a restaurant can attract shows the popularity of the restaurant. So it is important for the restaurant to develop such unique marketing strategies which make it stand out from competitor.

To enhance the guests footfall in a restaurant, the restaurant management are restaurant contractor can adopt the following marketing strategies and increase restaurant customer base.

  1. Starting Customers Loyalty Programs/Schemes: The success of a restaurant depends on the repeat customers. Customer loyalty programs and schemes goes a long way in bringing customers back to restaurant. To make the customers loyal to the restaurant it can offer reward points, discount schemes or free drinks or desserts to the repeat customers.

Since the restaurant POS system have a complete records of customer orders and their preferred menu items, restaurant can recommend new items in their order free on their repeat visit and ask them to give their feedback on the same. By doing so restaurant can earn more loyal customers for the long run.


  1. Proper review of Customer Feedback: In this age of internet and smart phones customers post their reviews about the foods served in the restaurant, and the experience they had on the last visit on various social media platforms. The friends and relatives of the customers tend to rely on the reviews and then make their mind to visit the restaurant with their family. The negative reviews keep the potential customers away from the restaurant, and mar the restaurant reputation in the public.

However the restaurant management can enhance its credibility by acknowledging the positive reviews and suitably replying on the negative comments and address the short comings pointed by the customers. Engaging the customers in a positive way and asking them to point out all their grievances and their positive reviews will put restaurant in a good light among its present and future customers. Moreover taking steps to remove shortcoming pointed by customers also increases customers loyalty.


  1. Enhancing Brand Image and presence on digital media: Now every thing is available on Click due to the deep penetration of internet among masses through smart phones. So restaurant business should not be left behind? Restaurant now a days, use marketing strategies and digital medium to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. It is very important to have a responsive and mobile friendly website, getting listed on delivery platform, hosting events to enhance brand image so that customer base is increased. Besides this the presence on social media in a effective way, proper engagement of customers can not only double the reach of restaurant but also help restaurant to attract more customers.

  2. Maintain reasonable pricing : Rates charged for the services provided and items served in the restaurant are other deciding factors for the restaurant to have flourishing business. With a proper research on factors like location of restaurant, food cost, prices charged can help design a better menu. Keeping prices comparative and reasonable can not only bring in new customers in restaurant but also help keep the old one’s also.

  3. Enhancing guests experience: The restaurant business totally depends on retaining old customers and attracting new one, and that can be done by providing excellent service and food. Customers are attracted to that restaurant which provide them both these things and adds on their experience with a lasting impression.


Though earning a good profit through restaurant business is the main aim of restaurant owners, but increasing more footfall is also equally important. Satisfied customers not only make the restaurant popular but also adds to the value in terms of business generated.

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How POS Manage and Optimize Table Turnover Rate

It is now becoming now a daily affair to dine out in a restaurant, or order food from the restaurant for home delivery or takeaways.

To provide the better guest experience almost all the restaurants are opting for table reservation system. Table reservation system is not only helping the restaurant customers by saving their time, but also helping restaurant to serve its customers in a better and efficient way.

Tables are reserved by the restaurant staff with a aim to offer pre- reservation of tables for the restaurant guests, so that when they visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner or eating out they are not required to wait for their turn to get the table.

In the old days the tables were reserved by the restaurant through telephone call by customers and done manually by restaurant staff. But now the technology is helping the restaurant in reserving tables for the restaurant guests. The restaurant POS system now have a built in system for table reservation for restaurant guests or a separate table reservation system can be integrated with Restaurant POS system. This system help the restaurant in catering the loyal customers during the rush hours and peak seasons and offer them table when they visit restaurant without any waiting time.

What is Table Reservation System and How it Works

Tables are reserved by guests by using the Table Reservation System through their mobile phone, telephone or through web . They can log on to the table reservation system and can select the following details:

Date and Time

Date and Time: Guests can book the exact time slot with date when they want to visit restaurant for dinning so that restaurant staff can be prepared for their arrival and make all the necessary arrangements to serve them in a better way.

Exact Number of Guests: Guests can book table for exact number of persons visiting the restaurant.This provide restaurant a definite idea as how many people they have to serve.

Details of Venue: Guests can also book the venue of their sitting in the restaurant. They can select the area like pool side, AC sitting area or can specify their choice so that restaurant can plan a proper turnover of table at the preferred place.

Likely Order Details: With the help of Table Reservation system guests have a option to pre-define their order before they visit the restaurant. They can ask for what they want on their arrival, like any juice, soup or some snack. What the main course should include and then what type of desserts they will prefer in the end of their food. They can also register any type of allergy if any member of their group have any, so that only that food served to that guest is allergy free.

Optimize Table Turnover Rate

The food choice selected by the guests help the restaurant to store the necessary inventory before the arrival of their guests and help them that they don’t run the risk of running out of material when the guests arrive.

Payment Options: The Table Reservation system is also integrated through POS to the payment gateways. This help you guests to make payments to the proposed restaurant visit before hand . Moreover restaurant can also apply promo-codes or discounts using the system.


Takeaways and Home delivery can be Offered: Restaurant Table Reservation system has a built in system which can manage Takeaways and Home delivery of orders for the guests. As a Restaurant Contractor you can also offer your guests for home delivery of their orders or they can takeaway their order from restaurant in case the table is not available at the preferred time as an alternate option. All this helps in retaining the restaurant guests and also make them loyal customers for the restaurant. Restaurant gains a lot from using a table reservation system for their restaurant, and help them grow their business in long run.

Little Gecko Technology consultants are leading restaurant technology provider and handles technology installation and there up keep in Boston and Greater Boston area. We supply and service all kind of restaurant technology solutions in the field of Micro POS System, including installation and training, Fail Over Internet solutions, restaurant acoustic solutions, routers and cabling solutions yo connect all your computer to share printer, scanner and internet at amazing speed and reliability. We offer restaurant contractors assistance in Opening restaurant in Boston.

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How Restaurant POS Help in Saving Money

Running a restaurant business is very risky business, unless you have a complete hold over the finances.

The principles of running a Restaurant business are same like any other successful business ventures. As a Restaurant Contractor Boston or Restaurant owner you have to pay full attention to your restaurant finances and to know where your money is being spent.

In the restaurant business lot of money is squandered. There are food wastes, slow and inefficient service, mis-communication between staff members, all resulting in unnecessary expenses. If the restaurant management keep a tab on these activities then they can save lot of money and keep restaurant finances in good health.

By installing a good Restaurant POS system, restaurant management can save lot of money. Let us see how it is possible to save money in restaurant business by installing Micro POS System.

  1. By Reducing the Food Waste: Food waste in restaurant accounts about 15% of the restaurant inventory. Lot of inventory goes to trash due to wrong practices followed in the restaurant and lack of proper inventory management.

With the use of a proper Restaurant Management POS software, restaurant’s inventory can be managed such a way that each and every item used in restaurant can be utilized to its optimum potential leading to reduction of waste of inventory items.

Restaurant Contractor Boston

With the POS system restaurant inventory can be monitored right from its arrival of stock, a complete track of the expiry dates of stocks and also the usage of the inventory in details. All this help management to quickly take corrective action in case there is undue waste of inventory.

Restaurant POS management system not only help in waste management of inventory, but it also help in inventory replenishment. You can set the inventory levels of all the inventory. If any inventory item’s level goes beyond the level set in the system then POS system will send notification to the management about it for necessary corrective action.

Thus your restaurant will never run into trouble of under or overstocking of inventory. All this will cut down your inventory waste and resulting in restaurant to save more money in the restaurant business.

  1. Helps in Bringing down the Labour Cost: Labour constitute a large part of restaurant expenses. There are many tasks that are performed on day in and day out and labour is required to perform them.

The areas where the labour is required in the restaurant are billing operations, preparing food and other stuffs, offering speedy service to customers and maintaining the restaurant neat and clean to offer restaurant guests a great experience when they visit the restaurant.

Optimize Labor

With the help of restaurant POS software management system you can cut down the time spent on the various tasks mentioned above by half. Since POS helps in taking orders and bill generation, the need of staff to perform these operations is reduced to a bare minimum.

You can even reduce the labour cost if you integrate your POD system with a Kitchen display system. By doing so you can update your kitchen display system in the real time, and serve your guests in a better way without any delay.

You can manage all the restaurant services effectively with even a less number of staff members and that too with ease. All these helps you to save lot of money in various operations involving labour.

  1. Helps in Increasing Table Turnover: One of the main source of restaurant income is from table service and tables are greatest asset of restaurant. Number of tables served or table turn rate is the main factor that determine the restaurant’s success.


With the use of POS system in taking orders from the guests, you not only be able to serve your restaurant guests in a better way, but also saves your staff time also. The orders are immediately updated in real time in kitchen display system and your chefs start working on order without any delay as soon as it is displayed on the system. The chance of human error due to miscommunication is also reduced leading to early execution of orders on the table, reduction of food wastage and this make your restaurant customer a happy lot.

  1. Guest’s Loyalty get Boost: The restaurant POS system can save all the history of your guests easily. Later on when the same guests visit your restaurant it is very easy for you to know their dinning choices with few clicks. In this way you can serve them in a better way and also provide a personalized service to them as you have the complete history of their food preference, their allergies to food , their preferred dishes and their preferred table in the restaurant.

All the POS stored information allows you to tailor a personalized experience for your guest. This pleases your guests and it adds to the value of your restaurant. The valued customers are the one who become loyal. The loyal customers add to the value of your restaurant, and help you to earn more.

  1. Saves Environment: By using a cloud based POS software you not only save money for your restaurant but also save environment also.

cloud POS System

By taking all the orders on the system and also keeping all the transactions in digital form you save lot of paper. By not using paper in your restaurant operations or using only when it is essential (like bills printing for guests) you save the environment by reducing tree cutting for making paper and thereby reducing carbon footprints generated due to your restaurant business.

The cloud based restaurant POS system help you to cut down on unnecessary restaurant expenses thus helping to save money for you in every restaurant operation.

Little Gecko technology consultants are leading restaurant technology provider in Boston and Greater Boston area and handles all restaurant technology installation and their up keep. We are leading supplier an service provider of complete restaurant solutions in the field of Micro POS System, including installation and training, Fail Over Internet Solutions, restaurant acoustic solutions, routers and cabling solutions to connection all your computer to share printer scanner and internet at amazing speed and reliability. We offer restaurant contractors assistance in Opening restaurant in Boston. We have a sincere aim that your restaurant business grow by leaps and bounds and achieve new height.

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How POS help in Managing Your Restaurant Franchise

If you are planning to open a restaurant with a franchise in different locations, it is a matter of great pride. But as a owner or a Restaurant Technology contractor Boston you are concerned about the success of the business, as you have to influence over the various market locations and earn handsome revenue from various locations for your restaurant business.

Having a Restaurant Franchises clearly shows that you are concerned about the growth of the business, and also your restaurant brand. But on the other hand you have to maintain consistency in your services throughout all your locations so that your restaurant brand create waves across the various locations.

Not only you are required to maintain the quality of service and speed at all locations, you are also required to provide your guests full satisfaction and wonderful experience when they visit your restaurant’s franchises at any location.

Restaurant POS software

To achieve consistency in your services and provide guests full satisfaction, your Restaurant POS Boston can come to your help to manage your restaurant franchises efficiently at all locations.

How Restaurant POS software help in managing Restaurant Franchises

  1. Billing Operations get Streamlined: Restaurant POS system can help you to handle all billing operations at various locations. The streamlined billing operations of all the franchises at various locations can help you to see the tally of all the billing operations done at various locations in one central place . Your staff and you can manage the sales operations easily from one location and increase the overall revenue of the restaurant business by eliminating the hurdles in operations.

  2. Centralized Menu Management Possible: Restaurant POS system can help you to manage the menu problems at the various franchise locations of your restaurant whether all your franchises are selling same cuisines at all locations or various cuisines as per the local requirements.

With a Restaurant POS system, you as a owner can have a hold over all the menus at your different franchises and the items availability at various locations. You will face no difficulty in making changes to your centralized menus as per the requirements at different locations and can have all the locations updated without any difficulty across your restaurant franchise.

This helps you to save lot of cost and time for your restaurant staff and in turn make your restaurant service efficient thereby increasing revenue generation.

  1. Guest Management Possible: With a restaurant POS system you can have a complete control over the guest management at various locations.

When you are operating a restaurant having branches, at multiple locations, people like to visit at all your franchise locations. Restaurant POS system provides history of all the guests of all locations of your restaurant at one place.

Restaurant Technology contractor Boston

You can provide a personalized services to your loyal customer whichever franchise he or she visits by knowing his complete history from the POS system. All this helps in customer retention by many folds as you can provide complete guest satisfaction every time he visit at any restaurant franchise location.

  1. Improves Communication with various locations: The chances of misunderstanding and discrepancy are reduced to a large extent in your entire business locations if you use a efficient Restaurant POS system, as you can view the entire restaurant operations whether guest management, staff management or inventory management at the central location.

Since you as a owner of the restaurant is required to have complete information of all the tasks performed at various locations in your restaurant for efficient working of restaurant. Whether it is related to re-access of user-privileges of your staff members, the task performed by them and their logs. All this information can be accessed through the restaurant POS software.

  1. Consolidated Reports and Analytics: When you are running many branches of your restaurant you need to be sure that they are all run well, there is no problem at any of the branches , and you can also see that what progress is being made at each franchise outlet.

You can manage all your franchises with Restaurant POS software by getting details of sales, revenue and inventory use reports and take all the important decisions to grow your restaurant business.

Little Gecko technology consultants are leading restaurant technology provider in Boston and greater Boston area and handles all restaurant technology installations and their up-keep. We are leading supplier and service provider of complete restaurant solutions in the Micro POS System including installation an training, Fail-over internet solutions, restaurant acoustic solutions, routers and cabling solution to connect all your computers to share printer scanners and internet at amazing speed and reliability. We also offer restaurant contractors assistance in opening restaurant in Boston. We aim to grow your restaurant business to new heights.

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How Restaurant POS Power your Business as Central Unit

Having a latest POS system in your restaurant -then you have won half the battle in operational success. But to power your restaurant business and take it to next higher level, then you as a restaurant technology contractors Boston  have to explore whether you are using your POS to its full capacity? Here we are not talking about a usual use of POS system like order punching, receiving payments from the customers, but today, POS system beside doing these traditional operations in the restaurant are doing much more than that.

Let us see how with each operation that happens in your restaurant POS, makes it more and more powerful to improve the various processes at your restaurant and power your business.

Restaurant POS is not only a Cash Register!

Restaurant POS Boston  is not only a cash register but it is much more than that. Think POS as a central system, one that not only work as cash register and doing traditional functions but compliments the entire functioning of your restaurant. Apart conducting its main features like recording sales transactions ,POS also records activities like inventory management and customer engagement. Now the POS system is further enhanced to do cloud based functions. With cloud in place your POS have every thing you need in a single straightforward platform and also track different day to day metrics of your restaurant, anytime, anywhere and on any digital device.

Restaurant POS is not only a Cash Register

Different functions that an Ideal Restaurant POS Powers

Today Restaurant POS loads many functions and tools to improve customer experience and integrates it with various important restaurant functions. Here are the main functions you should be making with your restaurant POS.

  1. Kitchen Efficiency improvement: POS helps in improving kitchen efficiency. In simple words POS shortens the order journey from customer to kitchen. Now with cloud POS system, waiter who is taking order from the customer can sent order information to restaurant kitchen in no time with his comments. There is no need for waiter to run to kitchen and deliver order, and he can attend more number of customers, thus leading to more restaurant sales.

With POS now you can have menu analysis to find which menu items are popular with customers, which are profitable for the restaurant, plan price and also plan restaurant kitchen operation based on the observations.

  1. Helps in Controlling in Thefts and Pilferage: A latest POS can help restaurant to keep track of the stock consumption or identifying the canceled and void transactions. When the POS system is utilized in a proper way, it can help identifying and controlling theft and pilferage to a great in restaurant. POS is the best way to catch theft transactions and provide in-depth information about how these take place. Moreover human error is also reduced as POS records every transaction in the real time.

  2. Communication with customer is improved: Since modern POS records all the data relating to sales in the restaurant and other data about the customer, it can server as source of all major data which can be used conduct various marketing analysis. As the restaurant has clear picture of the customers preferences and choice, divide the into groups and can help in making a optimal communication strategy. You can send customers a notification on his phone through SMS if they have not checked in once in last month and also inform them about the the popular menus likely to be introduced in future and can also offers discounts or 1+1 offers to increase the restaurant sales.

  3. Helps in Integrating Loyalty to Boost Repeat Business: As loyalty programme helps in bringing the loyal customers back to order, and can prove a most successful tool. So it is very important to chalk out a proper loyalty programme to boost your restaurant business. In this your POS can play a vital role as it integrate with every sales order seamlessly. Loyalty points can be added for the following actions by the customer I.e on registration/ first order, on new order placed, on spending a certain specific amount of money, on taking part in social platform for reviews and feedback or on signing and subscribing e-mail notifications , and many more.

  1. Provides all useful and sensible Data: A good POS system provides all the necessary information and other useful statistics in the reports generated, which can help you to take vital decision for your restaurants business growth and achieve your goals through better performance. Even POS data can also be more useful where the restaurant have multiple branches. You can have a complete look out of sales of branches over a period of time, activities of staff in various branches( relating to the delivery of orders) and also reports on the food items used in each outlet.

  2. Helps in Introduction of Self-Serving Kiosks: As the present generation needs every thing in the fast pace and in restaurant business there is no difference. Customers here want everything very fast. Thus they don’t mind in ordering from self service sales points and the trend is fast gaining among the young generation. From the point view of restaurant this acts as a great automation in business and also help in reducing staff burden. Thus you can up-sell customers with great combinations and suggestions on the kiosk.

To conclude the POS installed in your restaurant is not a mere machine for taking order and receiving payments but much more than that. Various features of POS can help you to increase your restaurant sales and grow your business by leaps and bound with improved customer experience for both online and offline and with better management of the restaurant resources.

littlegecko Tech

Little Gecko technology consultants are leading restaurant technology provider in Boston and greater Boston area and handles all restaurant technology installations and their up-keep. We are leading supplier and service provider of complete restaurant solutions in the field of Micros POS system, including installation and training, Fail-over internet solutions, restaurant acoustic solutions, routers and cabling solutions to connect all your computer to share printer scanners and internet at amazing speed and reliability. We also offer restaurant contractors assistance in opening restaurant in Boston. We aim to grow your restaurant business to new heights.

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How Can Your Restaurant can Attract more Customers

The main attraction that bring customers to a restaurant is the food that restaurant serve to its customers. But serving the best food in the world doesn’t bring customers in the restaurant.Every night there will be full occupancy in your cannot be guaranteed unless people know how good the food is, that your restaurant serve. For this you as a owner and your restaurant contractor has do some extra promotion to attract customers and tell them about the food that is served in the restaurant. Once they are inside the restaurant and try the delicacies served there, they will come back time and again and also promote the restaurant among their friends and relatives.

To attract more Customers to Your Restaurant one of the priority should be to bring them indoor first and in order to this happen here are few efficient and innovative ideas that can help you to get more loyal customers to your restaurant.

restaurant contractor

Use of Smart Flyers: To promote your restaurant it is very important that flyers promoting any event or any special occasion are not distributed in a generic way by leaving it just on the car window or any other way and hoping that people will find this, but it should be smart flyer with a targeted message and that too the promotion of restaurant, and details of delicacies serviced and discounts or any other offering. Here in flyer what offer you are giving depends upon you but this offer should continue for one month at least, if not more as it will provide sufficient time for the people to visit your restaurant. You can also include discounts, free appetizers or desserts and free gifts also to attract customers.

A professional approach with flyers distribution is must. You will have to choose an appropriate time when to distribute the same as distributing every week will annoy your customer base also and they will refrain visiting your restaurant. You cannot get customers with leaving flyers just on the windshields as most of these end in the garbage. So a careful strategy be made for every thing.

Attract Local Businesses and create partnership: One of the area generally ignored by restaurants is local businesses. As local businesses hold meetings and conventions, they go for catering and special lunches for their clients and staff. It is better that you make a list of local businesses holding such meetings and start conversations with them. You can offer discounts so you can get full catering order instead a part one. All this will make your restaurant to attract a greater stream of revenue and add to your profits.

Extra discount to first timers: A customer loyalty can be created if your restaurant can offer a good discount to the first timers. This discount should not be less than 20% as this is good deal. You can also offer them free appetizers or any thing else which can help them to come to restaurant in large numbers.

Introduce the happy hours

Introduce the happy hours : To attract more customers to your restaurant create happy hours in your restaurant. Happy hours to the restaurant means happy profits. Generally happy hours are late afternoon. Spreading from Monday to Thursday, but it is up to your choice when your restaurant will have happy hour and what are offers in happy hours. Generally drinks and appetizers are offered as happy hours deal. With free drinks and appetizers in happy hours people order many other things in restaurant and likely to stay and order for dinner. You can also offer a great happy hours for your regular and loyal customers so that they can come back again and again and making your restaurant a popular place for lunch and dinner.

Celebrate big events: Many big events like New year eve, sporting event, Valentines day can be celebrated and promoted by restaurant in a big way as these events are perfect occasions for you to take advantage to increase footfall in the restaurant. Generally people go out for dinning on these big events and if your restaurant is not celebrating these then you are loosing a great opportunity to Increase loyal customers base who will be coming back time and again in the restaurant.

Host Customer friendly events: Your restaurant can hold special events like cooking classes, themed parties, special events for younger generation and kindling a sense of loyalty in them towards restaurant .

Arrange special dinners on customers birthdays and anniversary: People goes out to celebrate birthday and anniversary and invite their friends and relatives to celebrate the occasion. Your Restaurant can arrange special party/dinner for such celebrations. For this you can send emails and notifications in advance that if they celebrate their special event and make like it be memorable then they should come to your restaurant and you can offer them special dish, appetizers and gifts. It’s a great way to remind them about your restaurant and attract new customers.

One of the foremost thing to attract customers to your restaurant is to bring them through front door and this is the first and basic step. Providing them with customer friendly service and best food dishes is the other important way to attract them to your restaurant. The planning of every effort should be such that first time visitor to your restaurant makes a mind to visit again and again, and all your effort will go waste if your are not converting new customers into a long term loyal customers.

It is the combination of above ideas which can bring more loyal customers to your restaurant and not any single idea. Once you are able to know which combination of ideas detailed above can more customers loyal to your restaurant then you can make double effort on those ideas and reap extra business and of-course more profits in your restaurant business. You can also take help of latest restaurant technology to achieve your goal like mobile POS system, and social network.

Little Gecko Technology Consultants are a leading technology provider in Boston and Greater Boston area. If you in process of opening a restaurant in Boston or already in the restaurant business and need technology solutions for your restaurant like Restaurant POS Systems, WiFi backup internet, routers, music and acoustic systems, we are here to help you as we are supplier and installer of all these systems. We also provide training for restaurant POS system to restaurant employees. Now the rest is up-to you! How soon do you want to make this decision and reap the benefits of advanced technology?

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Why Your Restaurant Need a POS System?

Point of Sales or POS is a system that is used worldwide by establishments to keep their business running smoothly. This computerized system help Restaurant Contractors to track sales, manage cash flow in the restaurant, helps in order taking, kitchen management, where the food inventory, bill generation, and payment receipt management with bookkeeping of all financial transactions.

Traditionally, the restaurant POS system is where the restaurant guests and customers make payment for the restaurant services they get while visiting in the restaurant. For this payment terminals, touch screens, and a variety of other hardware and software options are used to record the transactions. Restaurant technology has changed a lot in lastfew years.

However, today, POS is often preferred running smoothly as used world the restaurant point of service, given that Point of Sales is no longer limited to processing sales. Today Modern Restaurant POS system with bookkeeping a platform, that not only work for cash flow any food and beverage operations of large and worldwide but also helps in enhancing the customers experience and streamlining the restaurant business operations.

However, today, POS is often preferred running smoothly as used world the restaurant point of service, given that Point of Sales is no longer limited to processing sales. Today Modern Restaurant POS system with bookkeeping a platform, that not only work for cash flow and food and beverage operations of large and worldwide but also helps in enhancing the customers experience and streamlining the restaurant business operations.

Why POS System is a necessity for Restaurant

POS System provides many benefits to Restaurant. One it simplifies the communications between the kitchen and the waitstaff. Orders from the customers go to the kitchen printer, directly from a computer without any human intervention. Secondly, restaurant POS system can track everything from food usage to the items which are the most popular on the menu. POS system acts as a time clock, it can also help in payroll prepare. A restaurant can have lot of saving in bookkeeping department expenses. POS System not only helps restaurants in day to day running operations but can also organize profit and loss statement and sales tax calculations.

Drawbacks of POS System: There are certain drawbacks of POS System, as in the case of digital other computer-driven devices and is subject to same technological whims. If there is some crash in computer operations and you don”t have a backup, then there are chances that you might risk losing all your sales and payroll data unless there is backup of the same. So restaurant contract must have a backup of all the important data of POSsystem to avoid risk of loosing the same.

Other Issues

A POS system life span is shorter than the old fashioned cash register. Money saved by installing a POS system on bookkeeping and payroll can go to a tech guy for installing and then on any troubleshooting repairs happening in its working life. You also have to replace parts, updatesoftware and many times replace it with entirely anew model. Since the new POS system comes witha limited warranties and tech support, like anyother piece of digital equipment, the problems alwaysSeems to start once the warranty is over. Toovercome this issue, you always need to buy extra tech support to keep the POS System running smoothly.

How to find a POS

In the market there are many tech suppliers who deal in supply POS system and other support equipment and software for flow and restaurant. If you are planning a small operation, like a sandwich shop or other small eating outlet you may not need POS system at opening if you are not accepting the payment through credit cards or plastics. But in case you have an expansion plan and streamlining and like to franchising it, then it is better you go for a POS System that can take care of your future expansion plans, just in the beginning while opening the restaurant.

Little Gecko Technology Consultants are leading consultants and contractor of restaurant technology in Boston. If you are running your restaurant or thinking of opening a restaurant in Boston, and are need of latest technology implements in your new restaurant in your running restaurant, then you can contact us and we shall help you in providing latest technology solutions in your restaurant. We are the leading supplier of latest restaurant POS Machines, installation of POSSystems, wi-fi system, backup internet, routers, video and acoustic systems and also provide training in a restaurant POS systems to employees of the restaurant. We strife for your restaurant growth with our technical and expertise and help your restaurant business and expand as per your dreams.

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Why Most Restaurants Love Technology ?

Like any other business the idea of using technology in the restaurant is not a new one. Thousand of restaurants are using technology in their day to day operations like any other businesses doing it.Use of Digital POS Machines, Customers-Facing Table tops Tablets, email service, restaurant entertainment technologies, wi-fi, fail over internet, automated inventory tracking and scheduling software are some of the common technologies used by restaurants presently.

Restaurants that have multiple branches, that serve multiple roles-operator, chefs, managers, etc. -good technology can be the reason behind a successful restaurant and that one that have fails in business. This is because owners and contractors of every restaurant face unique problems when they deal with the restaurant inventory, guests satisfaction, employees management and managing restaurant financial accounting. Below are some of the important issues why restaurant love technology in every sphere of business operations.

Using Technology and POS Software

  1. Helps restaurant in getting reviews: Success of a restaurant now a days depends on the customers reviews. Dealing with restaurant reviewers has traditionally been a right of passage for any up- and coming restaurant. Hospitality industry today has turned upside down with the popularity of blogs and social media. Customers are able to talk about their experience online immediately, which can either spread priceless awareness and publicity or leave a restaurant open to potentially harmful reviews. So knowing about customers reviews is important for the restaurant as it plays a greater role in success of the restaurant.Technology comes here to help the restaurant to get instant reviews through various social media platforms.

  2. Helps in communicating with the public: Technology helps restaurants to communicate with the public.Customers turn to the internet for any kind of information about the restaurant and if your restaurant is nowhere found on internet, customers are most likely go to search other restaurant.Most of the restaurants with the help of technology turn to either a website or social media or both to stay in touch with their customers and potential customers. Many times chefs from the restaurant turn to the online world to communicate with their guests openly- for posting cooking videos online, giving general tips and building long term relations with patrons via social media.

  3. Helps in providing convenience of mobility: Technology helps restaurant in providing convenience of mobility. Convenience has become a buzz world and a modern catchphrase in every industry. Convenience in hospitality industry generally associated with portability, time-saving, and order accuracy. Modern technology is raising the standard in very one of these areas. Wait times at a restaurant are being drastically cut as servers are able to turn over their tables faster with the help of mobile devices like hand held POS machines.Smart devices are now being used to place orders ahead of time or from designated order stations.

Tech Trends for Restaurants in 2018

Besides restaurant guests using their convenience for visiting restaurant, restaurants are also getting benefits by serving more customers by immediacy provided by technology by being able to quickly update a menu online due to any seasonal change in foods, chefs interests or any local or important international events.

  1. Use of OR Codes: Technology helps restaurant to tap reviews of international customers through use of OR codes.. QR codes are anything like a URL can do, from linking tech-sevvy customers to promotional or restaurant websites to asking for feedback after a meal. QR codes are quickly gaining popularity within the restaurant industry. Without technology such thing is impossible for the restaurants to think off.

  2. Helps in Geo-localiziation of restaurant business: Now with the help of technology like restaurant apps , restaurant guests are able to check into restaurants on their smart phones. Now people turn to face book to know about their friends location, instead of asking them where they are as people generally put their status and local there. Restaurants have tapped into this technology for identifying their frequent customers in order to offer them promotions or communicate with specific customers directly. With this restaurants can serve their customers better and reap rich rewards in terms of increased footfalls.

  3. Helps them to distribute online coupons: Restaurants turn to technology for offering discount coupons to its regular and new customers. The value of putting a discount online is greatly disputed- that whether it drives repeat business or not, and many feel that coupons have little effect on restaurant business, other than eroding the value perception of a restaurant. But what ever is the case, generally restaurants think that customers often turn to coupons to try new things as the online coupons often offer something free to them.

These are some of the points why restaurants love technology but there are many more, and all depends on the restaurant location, customers served and many more.

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How You can Save Your Restaurant with Right Restaurant technology

We generally read about the news reports that restaurants are are closing here and there in the town. When we try to find the reasons why the restaurants are closing then we find that all of the world the restaurants run on a very thinner margins, eve thinner than a sushi knife. Even the restaurants that are opened by Michelin stars, have a great reviews, employing celebrity chefs are also on the list of the restaurants that closed in United States. Now there is a question that how can a Restaurant Contractor in Boston Call 617-749-7139  find the type of such which will mean longevity and serving diners for years or end abruptly? One of the smartest way is the use of restaurant technology which is right for the restaurant to grow and reap rich profits so that it can run for a very longer period of time without the fear of holes in its bottom lines.

One of the main profit centre in a full service restaurant is its bar. It is very important that the bottom lines maintained in the bar operations with a efficient beverage plan, and same can be programmed on day to day basis as per the customers demand and preferences.

restaurant POS Systems

The next question arises as how technology can help in making sure that your restaurant can have a strong bottom lines. Inventory management software especially developed for the restaurant can help in drafting strategies that drive profits and more money in your bank account. Below are some of the points which the owner or managers of the restaurant should consider in applying the technology in restaurant operations.

According to Hospitality Technology study survey most of the restaurants spend 32% on software and 27% on hardware, personal 20% and network and telecommunication. So as per their study the main top goals that restaurant owner using technology in restaurant projects are:

  1. Improve operational/process efficiency

  2. Improve customer engagement/loyalty

  3. Increase employee productivity

Let us examine how by spending on technology that is specially designed for the restaurant industry business can pay off in long run.

  1. Improving Operational Efficiency: The right kind of Point of Sales (POS) system can make all the necessary difference in keeping the restaurant business smoothly. Few examples how operational efficiency can save lot of money in restaurant operations.

  1. Accuracy in Order: Conversational ordering, requirements, modifier pricing, proper routing of kitchen items, calculating the tax impact in detail and getting orders right every time in a complex restaurant environment can add more in restaurant profits. Even if one restaurant mistake is avoided each day with technology can add a large amount in the profits of the restaurant.

  2. Order Taking Efficiency: If your restaurant is taking orders on phone, by using a technology using sound and optimized system of phone orders and delivery can add to your bottom lines if it is able to cut typical order time from 3 minutes to 30 seconds by removing the bottlenecks.

  3. Inventory tracking: Inventory tracking in the restaurant is a chore, but with right kind of tools this job can be made more easier and fast. By choosing a software which let you and your restaurant managers to track the ingredients that are required in the restaurant can make a lot of difference on the profits of the restaurant.

  4. Coupon Control: General purpose restaurants and pizzerias operate on a system of coupons, that are quite complex and many Micro POS systems Call 617-749-7139 cannot handle the same in an efficient manner. By using a technology which can keep a strict control on the coupons and discount can add lot to the restaurants profit. So always upgrade your technology as per the requirements of the restaurant and change the POS systems accordingly.

  1. Improving Customer Engagement: It is no secret that the online ordering system have a more than 25% higher ticket average than the order placed by phones. A powerful suggesting technology of online order not only provide alternative to the customers but also keep them more satisfied also. So investing on these technologies can help restaurants earn more.

  2. Turn New Customers to regular customers: It is very difficult to turn new customers into regular customers unless a proper reward programme tailored with your restaurant requirements is used. With technology it is possible to have a automated marketing reward programme can be tailored for your restaurant and make your restaurant to grow faster.

  3. Labour Management Cost: Labour management in a restaurant is a nightmare for the restaurant owners and managers. With use of technology a POS System that helps to run the whole labour management system in a simple and less cumbersome and paperless way can make lot of difference on restaurant working with quick order taking and delivery by the staff. Your managers can spend more time with customers and less time in office managing the labour. Even if a restaurant manager can spend only one hour looking for the customers complaints and able to generate one or two more sales orders and earn about $20 more per day can add up to $ 600 per month in a restaurant profits per month and a huge amount in a years time .

Call 617-749-7139 opening a restaurant in Boston

So we see that investing little more on the technology and keeping it abreast with latest developments in the industry can add more number of years in your restaurant operations. The right technology can help you to innovate your restaurant operations, gain more customers and fans among the digitally savvy customers and make your restaurant earn more and stay in business for a quite longer period of time.

Little Gecko Technology Consultants are a leading consultants and contractor of restaurant technology in Boston. If your running your restaurant or thinking of opening a restaurant in Boston, and are in need of latest technology implements in your new restaurant or in your running restaurant, then you can contact us and we shall help you in providing latest restaurant technology solutions in your restaurant. We are the leading supplier of restaurant POS Machines, Installation of POS systems, wi-fi system, backup internet, routers, video and acoustic systems and also provide training in a restaurant POS system to employees. We are here to help you to grow your restaurant business and also let you run your restaurant operations smoothly and earn more and stay for the longer time in the restaurant business.

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How to choose Best Technology solutions for Your Restaurant?

Before opening a restaurant or in a running restaurant one main thing the restaurant owner confronts is how to implement best technology solutions for the restaurant, so that the restaurant business turns more profitable, and also it provides the restaurant guests a wonderful experience when they visit restaurant for dinning besides food.

Restaurants owners don’t want to spend time and money to update technology in their restaurant and also averse to this thought. Though restaurant want to make great food, create amazing experiences for their guest and make money. But any deal with technology is clear no; or want to invest very less in technology. The blame is clearly on the high cost and old thinking in respect of modern technology. The new start ups in the field of restaurant technology are constantly bombarding restaurants with an overwhelming number of new and improved “solutions”. The systems with which restaurant owners interact on daily basis are– Point of sale( POS) Systems, reservations, payment, payroll, scheduling, delivery, customers analytics, app and many more.

Point of sale( POS) Systems

There is a great boom in the innovations in the hospitality industry, and the restaurants are eager to stay competitive and stand out from others, so many times they get tempted from the manufacturers of technology products presentations and emails. Without consulting any expert they place orders for the products which are not relevant to their restaurant. While not every innovation is suitable for the restaurant, owners must use their prudence to find which products are suitable for his restaurant and will take his restaurant to next level.

Here are few tips which can help the restaurant owner/contractors to spot right technology for the restaurant and decide which technology products are best suited for his restaurant.

  1. Does it provide Ease of use? : It doesn’t matter how great technology solution is?, if it is complicated for you and your staff, customer and your staff will hesitate to use it. Choose only those technical solutions for the restaurant which are easy-to-use, otherwise the excitement of inducting technology in restaurant will turn out in disappointment. There should not be steep learning curve for employees and the technology is users friendly. Simplicity and productivity of technology is necessary as it impacts day to day operations in the restaurant. So before inducting a new technology you should engage teams to gather information from the user customers that they like it or not and also the productivity is enhanced by the technology in the restaurant.
  2. Is it enhancing personal customer service? : People visit restaurant to get served in a better way and not by technological Robots. Unless your restaurant is a quick service restaurant trying to serve food like a factory in the midweek lunch hour rush. Technology should be able to enhance quality of personal customer care so that your restaurant stays at the top and drive more revenue. Studies has shown that making a new customer costs six to seven times more than keeping an existing one. So technology should be able to retain the old customers and also bring more new customer to restaurant on dining table.
  3. Does it bring Growth in Revenue? : Technology which is newly introduced in the restaurant should be based on ROI meaning that technology introduction cost should be less than what revenue is gained from its introduction. It is of no use to implement technological solutions which cost more but gives less benefit to restaurant. Quality technology may not pay in short run and its cost may look more but in the long run it covers costs of introduction and also help restaurant to earn more revenue by increasing customers returning more frequently in the restaurant as they get value for their money.
  4. Does it Improves Security and Protection? : Once the technology is chosen on the basis of above criteria and considered good fit, the security should also be front and centre. With large number of customers victimized by credit card fraud and threat is increasing day by day, it is very necessary that new technology should provide improved security. And for payment technology security assume more significance. It is better for the restaurant owner to be informed about the latest trends so that he can enquire about right questions concerning about technology. Before implementing mobile payment technology, ask if payment data transmission is encrypted and the date remains secure.
  5. Is it offering Affordability? : Determining the affordability of technology solution depends on each restaurant experience and appetite for technology. You can determine affordability by comparing the costs with the revenue generated. A better idea can be gathered from the peers spending on technology.- at high end 18 percent restaurant spend 6 percent of their revenue on technology where as large number of about 65% are spending 1% to 3% of their revenue in new technology. Costly upfront fees and hefty long term contract fees can also raise red flag in the decision making in introduction of technology.

opening a restaurant in Boston

In the end it one thing that should the technology be able to pay for itself, and should not break the bank is main point stressed upon by every wise business decisions and restaurant is no exception. But seeing the trends restaurants are bound to increase spending on the suitable new technology developments.

Little Gecko Technology consultants are a leading consultants and contractor of restaurant technology in Boston. If you are opening a restaurant in Boston and are in need of restaurant technology implements in your new restaurant or in your running restaurant, then you can contact us and we shall help you in providing latest technology solutions in your restaurant. We are in business of installation of POS Systems, Wi-fi, back up internet, routers, video and acoustic systems and also providing training in POS systems. We are here to help you to grow your restaurant business to new heights.

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Changes needed in POS today to obtain stunning results in restaurant business

One of the main motive of restaurant owner is to make his restaurant business profitable, and enhance the guests experience when they visit the restaurant to dine. The main technology gadget used in almost all the restaurants is POS system. Depending upon how long your restaurant is in business, there is need to upgrade your Restaurant POS system. This is same like changing restaurant décor, kitchen hardware, and changing chairs and table in the restaurant. Not much change is needed in POS system, but only software upgrade is required. Since each and every transaction in the restaurant is executed through POS system, we cannot ignore its systems upgrades.

Moreover the technology is rapidly changing and now wireless internet and mobile are in the forefront. With a upgradation of POS system, your restaurant business can attain robust growth as you have the option of tracking the complete restaurant operation right from taking order till the delivery of the same and also have complete control on the restaurant operations.

mobile POS

But the main question arises that what kind of upgradation is needed in the POS system, and whether there is some change in old POS machines, all this depends on what kind of features you desire in the new POS system for your restaurant. Following are the main features which are must present in your changed POS systems.

  1. Mobile POS system: Mobile with a touch screen has taken the world of technology by storm, and this has led to the mass manufacture of very high quality of POS systems that can be taken on go. There is no need now that all the POS machines should sit with the cashier at the front desk. Mobile POS system can be taken to the table of the dinner for getting orders, to get digital payments through card. There is no need for the staff to visit the counter to punch order and then in the end make payment to cashier. With mobile POS Systems the customers are able to get the much superior service and convenience, but this infuse a sense of security in them, that there credit card will not be skimmed or scanned when they make payment, as every thing is done in front of their presence and on the table itself.
  2. Include RFID/NFC payment capabilities: With mobile phones the system of making payments has changed. Apple Pay and Android Pay are changing with ways and allows everyone to pay for the services on the go. There is no need to take your wallet in restaurant to make payment for the order in cash. Just by grabbing the phone, using the biometric lock or entering the PIN code and tap to pay is what required now, and all this is done within few seconds. Moreover younger generation love to make payment by mobile wallet only because of no fuss in it and more security.

RFIDNFC payment

So at the time of POS system upgrade you should see that the RFID/NFC payment capabilities are there. This cutting edge technology is not only necessary for today’s situation but have a long future.

Best results are obtained if the POS system is also paired with iPads and Android OS tablet devices using RFID/NFC payment methods. All in all what is latest in payment methods should be present in the new upgraded POS system, then only better results are achieved.

  1. Include employees login through Biometric/Barcode/RFID : The upgraded POS system should be capable of providing employees login through punch in or though card swipe for hours and tips. This not only benefits in tracking hours clocked by employees but also keep every one running on schedule and helps you to monitor each and every transaction your staff process on his individual POS machine on your server. Any misprocessed transaction can be immediately attended by you and problem addressed with minimum staff involvement without any delay.
  2. Option for Customers Database : Your upgraded POS system should have a facility to store in the data base of the customers, their preferences, card number details in repeat order, phone details etc. This customers data base can also be used to promote your restaurant sales promotion drives by informing customers on their mobiles the launch of discount schemes and any other festivity celebrations. All this helps in making dine-in, or order-outdoor experience more faster and much convenient for the customers.
  3. Integration of Restaurant on line ordering app: The smart phones have changed the way people order from the restaurant. Everyone now orders through mobile app instead of web. While going for the POS upgrade, you as a restaurant owner insure that POS system is capable of receiving orders and payments through online restaurant app besides other ordering forms. By integrating with app the role of error is minimized as order from telephone can sometime leaves a chance of human error. Besides this, app integration with POS helps the restaurant in fast customer service and increased turnover.

restaurant POS Systems

To conclude one thing you should also look into is that what other competitors of your restaurant are incorporating in their POS Systems as this will help you to at-least stay in line of competitors in the business and also allows to think ahead of them . You can still main a competitive edge over the other restaurant in your area if you adhere to the above points while upgrading your restaurant POS Systems.

If you are thing of opening a restaurant in Boston, or you already have a restaurant running and want to install latest version of POS systems or upgrade your old POS system, Little Gecko Technology consultants, a leading restaurant technology providers are here to help you. We are leading supplier and installer of Restaurant POS systems, Wi-Fi backup internet, routers, music and acoustic systems. We also provide training for POS systems. Rest is up to you! As how soon you make up your mind and take the decision and reap the benefits of advanced technology and grow your restaurant business to a new higher level.

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Benefits of Online Presence of Restaurants

Restaurants open with a purpose of sharing a passion for food with others by serving delicious dishes to guests, resulting in smiles on patrons’ faces. Restaurants treat their guests like their family members in an effort to keep them coming back repeatedly. But restaurant guests’ presence is never a given at the time of opening a restaurant, so restaurant owners must ensure that every guest knows that he or she is welcomed into the restaurant.

Not long ago, online presence was not an option, and restaurants generally hired a crier to catch potential customers’ attention in front of the tavern. This has since changed, thanks to the era of social networking and smart phones. These days, a more tech-savvy approach is necessary to face the competition and add to the bottom line. Restaurant owners must implement modern tools to attract guests to the restaurant.

Now, thanks to smart phones, people are connected online at any given time. About 90% of restaurant guests check new introductions, menus and reviews online. Because of this, restaurants’ online presence cannot be ignored. Additionally, your restaurant’s internet connection should not be erratic, and a Failover Internet is essential.


By creating a web presence for your restaurant, you will keep up with the competition, increase restaurant exposure, and gain access to inexpensive and time-saving marketing methods that attract the millennial generation and others. Here are a few tangible reasons why your restaurant needs an online presence and the many benefits:

Benefits of Online Presence of Restaurants

  1. Helps to tell your story: Restaurant businesses can fail due to its anonymity. Customers want to have a good reason to visit your restaurant. You can provide connection for them to visit through the good food you serve in the restaurant. An online connection through a website helps you to achieve the goal of connecting guests with your restaurant and provides you a space to tell your story to guests.
  2. Social media presence is possible: Without an online presence, there is no way for your restaurant to go viral with young customers who live on their phones, “checking in,” posting comments, engaging on social media about their dining experiences. It is only possible if your restaurant has an online presence through a website and mobile app.

Benefits of Online Presence of Restaurants

By having a robust and active social media profile, your restaurant can give young guests something to interact with and transform casual guests into fans of your restaurant, creating an army of loyal customers. You have the opportunity to engage your guests 24/7. Take advantage of social media, and let everyone know about your restaurant, including what you have to offer.

  1. Brand identity is strengthened: With an online presence, your customers will become acquainted with your restaurant, and thus you can strengthen the brand’s identity. With a crisp, informative website filled with interesting content, people will get to know your restaurant, and people who have never eaten in your restaurant can put their trust in your restaurant. Seeing the content on your website and your brand will help you to gain more footfall in your restaurant.
  1. New territories can be explored: Being online brings you to places other establishments aren’t. When thinking of opening a restaurant, you never know how your location will become known to the public. An online presence allows you to be everywhere! It doesn’t matter whether your restaurant is on a busy street or in back lane… The only thing that will truly matter is your culinary skills, which will help get you noticed. With online menus, social networks and reviews, you are not only developing an online presence, but also conquering new territories.
  1. Customer feedback is possible: Having an online presence helps your restaurant know what guests think about your restaurant. This feedback attracts guests to your restaurant. After all, most people check reviews online before they book a table, either through the website or over the phone. Google even displays ratings of certain venues in the search results.


As a restaurant owner, you are most-likely not a big business entrepreneur, and you can make appropriate decisions about your business without having to jump on every trend that hits the restaurant industry. By not being online, however, you are cheating your business. You have the ability to turn your business into a profitable venture by utilizing inexpensive marketing tools and transforming patrons into returning customers.

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant in Boston, or you have a restaurant and want to have an effective and continuous presence online, Little Gecko Technology Consultants are here to provide solutions, such as failover internet, Wi-Fi routers, IT components, cabling to connect computers printers and related equipments, Micro POS systems and Micro POS training for restaurants. You can focus your attention on other important aspects of your restaurant business and leave the rest to us.

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POS Data Reports Help Restaurants Function Smoothly

Technology has entered in every sphere of our life, and the restaurant business is not left behind. Technology has entered into restaurants in a big way, through the use of POS machines. Now the POS system has brought automation in every sphere of the restaurant business, not only taking orders and receiving payments is the business of POS Machines. Now restaurant POS Machines provide many types of reports to the restaurant owner, and have proven to be an essential tool in any restaurant manager or owner’s arsenal. Now the restaurant managers have said goodbye to spreadsheets and rely on POS reports. These POS reports help restaurant managers keep track of restaurant pulse, even when the manager is not there, and provide insights that he might not have thought to track, such as how accurately the waiting time is quoted by restaurant.

Since dynamic reports from POS system helps restaurant managers track the most important benchmarks- the ones that help dictate success. The following main POS reports will help to obtain clear-cut measurements and better data that help in understanding performance of the restaurant business.


SALES REPORT: One of the top priority reports for any restaurant owner or manager is the sales report, because they provide quick snapshots of daily performance. Monthly and quarterly reports help to get some perspective on how sales fluctuate over time. Sales reports also provide an inside glance of cash and credit sales and give a glance window into how online ordering is performing and what necessary steps are required for overall sales improvements.

Discounts and Complaints: Complaint reports indicate how your servers and kitchen staff are performing. High numbers of complaints indicate that your team needs more training and those workflows are not operating at maximum productivity. Discount coupons help to know advertisement campaign success.

 Top selling Items: It does not indicate success that some items in restaurant are “selling like hot cakes”. With old systems, it was not possible to know item by item sales. POS reports helps restaurant owner the exact amount of top selling items and the top items on which the customers are drawn and helps in formulating inventory purchasing and also forms the basis of inventory purchasing by the restaurant.

 Items sales report: POS system helps in generating Item sales reports like how servers pushing desserts? How well did last night’s special do? Reviewing this data is lot more useful than asking team members since they only see a small piece of the equation. POS Systems help to provide quick sales metrics and a greater dive in insight.

Report on Reservation and Wait Times: POS reports on table reservation help restaurants to plan restaurant operations as they know what is the average wait time and also like to improve upon it by involving more staff members to do that. You can inform your customers of the exact wait time by providing accurate information, because no one wants to wait longer than what they have to, and making them wait longer gives them a bad taste and affects the restaurant loyalty towards customers.

Online orders Report: Online orders are one of the consistent sources of restaurant revenue as a large number of customers order online from their homes and place or work. This report helps restaurant to understand how customers are using your website and whether there is more needs to be met, what more resources and takeout preparation and processing time to be mended to gain more out of online orders.

POS data report

Rewards Reports: Loyalty deserves to be rewarded, and those customers who are regulars in the restaurant need to be rewarded. This report provides insight into your reward program- both when rewards stamps are issued and redeemed and helps to plan the future rewards schemes.

Employees Performance and Staffing Reports: Helps in analysing employee’s performance as a measurement of sales. By using this report, restaurants can track employee efficiency, and see how many gift cards your team has been able to sell. Sales v/s labour cost helps to compare net sales to labour cost and helps to understand staffing needs for various time and days of the week. This helps in reducing your labour cost to a great extent.

Payroll Reports: Paying your employees on payday is one day that every employee loves. You can prepare pay cheques without going into bothersome calculation for payroll. Your POS machine can help you to prepare employees payroll by running timesheet report of the time clocked by the employees. Paying the employees on time helps build restaurant image in the mind of the employees.

Not only the about mentioned reports are generated by restaurant POS system but many more reports can be created to suit restaurant needs. It is a whole new world of data out there with POS system and helps restaurant owners to forget about the number crunching.

Little Gecko technology consultants are a leading restaurant technology contractor in Boston. If you are opening a restaurant in Boston, are in need of restaurant technology implements, then you can contact us and we shall help you in technology implementation in your restaurant. We are in business of installation of POS Systems, wifi backup internet, routers, video and acoustic systems and also provide training in POS machines. We are here to help you to grow restaurant business and earn more profit.

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Why it’s Time to Upgrade Restaurant POS Systems

As a restaurant owner, you may be considering upgrading your restaurant’s POS system, and you are certainly not alone. Many restaurant owners are thinking of upgrading the restaurant’s POS system. In one research study conducted by a renowned research company, it was found that about one-third of restaurant owners have not upgraded the core restaurant management and POS system in the past three years, but now they plan to upgrade their restaurant POS System within the next twelve months.

So, why the urgency to upgrade the restaurant POS system now? If you’ve avoided an upgrade, then why are you thinking of doing it now? What are the reasons behind this decision? Below, we discuss these questions:

Restaurant POS Systems

A change in priorities:

In the past, the priorities of the restaurant were such that no attention was paid to customers, as the restaurant’s primary motive was to offer delicious food to customers. As times change, however, the restaurant’s priorities have also changed. Now, the restaurant needs to offer efficient, smooth and digital solutions to customers. Restaurant patrons do not wait or linger around if you cannot provide the facilities they need. Instead, they move onto your competitor, who can provide what they’re looking for. Restaurants now have to upgrade to have greater efficiencies for their back-of-house operations. They also need to find creative ways to enhance the customer’s satisfaction, as well as provide a greater value for the money patrons spend in the restaurant.

The newer versions of POS systems are becoming smarter; they help to decrease the costs of operations and thereby increase restaurant revenue. The next generation of POS systems includes solutions ranging from predictive order management software, which helps in projecting demand and reducing waste, to loyalty management programs, in which guests can manage their own reward accounts. The systems also equip restaurant with tools that are effective and satisfy the desire of customers on a more consistent basis so that restaurants can reap the reward of loyalty.

The upgraded version of recent POS systems provides technology solutions that open countless additional enhancements to the existing platform capabilities at an accelerated pace. Now, restaurant owners are seeking to leverage the benefits of these solutions to increase restaurant revenue.

Micro POS Training Boston

Order entry system tablets are there to make multi-ordering possible, including:

  • POS with staff facing
  • Guests placing orders on the tablet from the table itself
  • Online ordering
  • Mobile ordering through apps

The present version of POS systems allows the operator to edit menus, add items, and track actual and forecasted data in real time from anywhere with the help of cloud-based content management systems.

With upgraded POS systems, restaurant owners can now create the exact experience each customer wants in less time. This helps restaurants to have more table turns and ultimately adds to the bottom line of the restaurant.

The innovations in POS technologies have led more than 80 percent of restaurant owners to believe that advanced technologies are key, not only in addressing the current business challenges, but also in catapulting their businesses to even higher levels of operational performance and guest satisfaction on a consistent basis.

Now, the question is whether you really want to invest in a POS system. If your answer is yes, we invite you to contact us. Little Gecko technology consultants are a leading restaurant technology provider in Boston and the Greater Boston area. If your restaurant needs an upgraded Micro POS System, we are here to help, as we are a leading supplier and installer of Restaurant POS Systems, WiFi backup internet, routers, music and acoustic systems. We also provide training for POS systems. The rest is up to you! How soon do you want to make this decision and reap the benefits of advanced technology?

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Restaurant Transformation through Audio Visual Systems

Restaurants are created to provide an enjoyable atmosphere to guests during each visit. However, even after the restaurant owner has taken care of lighting in the restaurant and invested a large amount of money to provide impeccable decor, the restaurant is often not in a position to engage guests.

Now, with a restaurant audio visual system, restaurants can easily present an entertaining and appealing atmosphere that can delight restaurant guests and attract them to visit the restaurant again and again.

Below, we discuss how an audio visual system can lighten the mood of guests in the restaurant, and why it’s worth investing:

Videos are there to set the scene

Customers visit restaurants to enjoy good food with their friends and relatives, and if the restaurant adds another component of visuals, guests have yet another way to enjoy and experience a better time during their visit to the restaurant.

Restaurant Audio Visual Solutions

Setting up large screen TVs in restaurants where guests sit, whether it is in the bars or strategically placed so that each guest can view, makes the establishment a warm and charming one. Many times, restaurants arrange special screenings of important events, such as the Independence Day parade or popular big games to attract customers to the restaurant. Investing in TVs, tablets and other smart devices not only enhances the restaurants image in the minds of guests, but it also makes them eager to come back when a big event is happening.

Pleasant tunes enhance the dining experience

If your restaurant guests don’t like the loud sounds of the restaurant’s TVs, you can mute the sound and play lovely music for everyone in the restaurant to listen to and enjoy.

Moreover, you can coordinate the day and time to the music you play, and change the tunes according to occasions and celebrations that are planned in the restaurant. Volume of music can be turned down or raised as per the talkative nature of your guests at any given moment.

Sports Bar Audio Visual Design and Installation 2

Install an easy to manage system

The system installed in the restaurant should be operated from one source. You should be able to choose what, when and where to play the music.

No music should be playing in empty bars and private dining rooms when no one is there to enjoy it. The control panel has the ability to play different playlist in bathrooms and open spaces in addition to what is being played in the main dining hall or bar.

A good audio visual system can change the perception of restaurant guests, who will know they are being looked after by being offered the comforts of the restaurant experience. This encourages them to come back again and again for a wonderful dining experience.

As Little Gecko Technology consultants, we install in-ceiling and external speakers, integrated television wiring, projectors, projection screens and televisions to create the audio and visual experience necessary for a given space.

If you are planning to open a restaurant in Boston and need any guidance in restaurant audio visual aids, we invite you to contact us. We also assist restaurants by supplying and installing Micro POS systems, Internet Failover Solutions, and Wi-Fi routers. We also provide Micro POS training in Boston Call @ 617-749-7139.

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Why and How Can Restaurant Acoustics be Managed?

One hot topic among restaurant-going customers is the level of noise in the restaurant. The main complaint of restaurant customers is high decibel level sound. Restaurateurs present their establishment as a quiet place or a hot spot to attract more clientele. Often the critics rate acoustics as one of the important aspects in their reviews of restaurants.

Often, restaurant customers who complain about the poor service cite noise as one of the main reasons for their complaint. In one “Consumer Reports” surveys of more than 47,000 readers reflecting about 110,000 restaurants experiences at about 100 different chain restaurants, one out of 4 complained of high noise levels at least once during their visit to a restaurant in the recent future.

On the other hand, many customers consider restaurants very quiet places and experience boredom there. Customers complain that they feel uncomfortable while talking with fellow diners, because they fear that persons sitting nearby can hear and understand every word they speak. This also causes them to drive away from the restaurant dissatisfied, just as a noisy restaurant drives people away.

restaurant contractors in boston

Research has shown that the ear is most sensitive to speech at a level 48 dBA and 72 dBA. Exposure of more than 2 hours to 100 dBA and 8 hours at 90dBA can lead to permanent damage to hearing.

There are multiple causes of excessive noise levels in restaurants. Among them is modernist decor, featuring hard surfaces which helps the sound to reverberate, presence of sound generators in the vicinity of restaurant, open kitchen, live music and crowded spaces with diners packed beyond the limits in tables very close to each other. Moreover, restaurant owners seek out a noisy environment in their restaurants, believing that it signals that the place is very popular among guests and one way to make more money.

Noise caused by people trying to talk loud enough to be heard by the other fellow diners is understood. In fact, people talking in a restaurant is considered as the loudest source of noise in the restaurant. In restaurants, people tend to talk with each other in loud voices so that others with them can hear and understand what they have said (also known as the Lombard Effect).

As the noise is one of the main concerns of restaurant contractors in Boston and owners have realized that they have a chance of losing potential customers due to noise problems in their restaurants. This is the reason why restaurant owners are calling acousticians when they think of opening a restaurant or renovating their restaurant. It is better if the problem of sound is solved while the restaurant is being constructed rather than taking steps which are not only problematic and costly. Specialists are now pleading for “design with ears in mind.”

Acoustic Panels

Now the acoustic products manufacturers are keen to meet the demands of restaurants for style and sound control with stylized products that use advanced and new technologies and materials to integrate smoothly with the latest design trends that are required for lots of bare and hard surfaces present in the restaurant. It’s no surprise that acoustics are gradually becoming a major feature in building design in general. Manufacturers have addressed the problem of acoustics by offering more sustainable acoustic materials, produced in more sustainable ways to be used during the construction of restaurants.

Acoustics in restaurant depend on a variety of factors, including the shape, size, height of room, material used and how the things are placed in the room, as different materials absorb and reflect sound in different ways. Acoustics begin with systematic assessments of all the elements and then reach the desired dBA. Acoustic consultants should also take into account the fact that the noise level waxes and wanes throughout the day and even during the dining period.

The strategies of managing acoustics in restaurant are very tricky. If done properly, it will improve speech intelligibility and clarity, and allow patrons to complain less about noise in the restaurant.

Last but not least, the sound system in the restaurant plays an important role in restaurant noise creation. Manufacturers and acoustical consultants are now well-prepared to provide technical and installation guidance.

Little Gecko Technology consultants are one of the leading installers of acoustical systems in restaurants in Boston. If you are planning to open a restaurant in Boston and need any guidance in restaurant acoustical systems, contact us. We design and install audio equipment with the size and shape of the space in mind to ensure the best quality sound output and listening results. We also assist restaurants in installation and supply of Micro POS Systems, Internet Failover Solutions, Wi-fi Routers and Micro POS Training in Boston.

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Technologies that Help Restaurants to Earn More in 2018

If we look back in time and compare it with the present, we see that lots of changes have occurred in our daily lives. This change has occurred due to technology, from our holiday shopping and the way we watch TV, to the way we interact with people around the globe.

The same is the case with restaurant businesses where technology has taken center stage. Now restaurant owners, developers and restaurant technology contractors have set new targets for restaurant businesses. With new cutting-edge technologies, they are leaving no stone left unturned and including these technologies in every sphere of restaurant operations, including online orders, inventory management and improvements in the guest experience.

The following tools are bound to increase not only the restaurant business and earnings, but also improve restaurant image as well:

  1. Mobile Point of Sales System: In the recent past, we’ve witnessed the exponential growth in mobile use, and this had led to the growth in mobile restaurant technology. Restaurants are increasingly using mobile online applications and tools in many restaurant operations, such as receiving orders, making food deliveries and receiving payments.

Mobile POS has integrated many technologies directly, and there is automatic movement of online orders to the kitchen for preparation and then delivery without any manual labor. POS systems have brought many previous manual operations to the digital platform, and these are being completed now without any manual involvement.

As an example, when orders were taken manually, reservation were also taken by phone. Now these processes can be completed online through mobile apps. Guests are informed when their table is free and they can come to restaurant.

Now, the restaurant operations team is free to do other duties and their services can be utilized elsewhere in the restaurant. Moreover, new restaurant Micro POS systems integrate many more functions like inventory control, informing guests about new offers and reward programs and much more. Now, restaurant owners can look after the restaurant sales and other operations on their mobile devices without being physically present in the restaurant. They have full control over restaurant operations even from a distance.

restaurant technology contractors littlegecko

  1. Inventory Management: Now restaurant owners don’t rely on their memory skills for inventory management. More and more, inventory management jobs are dependent on machines, where software creates a central database without any manual reviewing of sales invoices and data spread sheets. Now, software has become so sophisticated that sales data is automatically tracked and orders for inventory are placed without any human involvement. This has resulted in orders for inventory placed on time; there is no overstocking of perishable items. The loss due to over-ordering and wastage in inventory is reduced, thus increasing restaurant profits.
  2. Use of Beacons: Now, customers hate to download different apps for different restaurants on their smart mobile phones. But restaurant managers cannot ignore the fact that smart phone access has great power to attract customers to restaurants by influencing their dining decisions and behavior. The beacons are the answer to this problem. Now with the aid of beacons, restaurant managers can push those relevant content to customers. These include sales alerts, custom menus and discounts offered directly to customers with smart WI-fi enabled phones without any additional downloads through Bluetooth-enabled devices near the restaurant coverage area. Beacons also have back end use in restaurants, and can accept mobile payments and real time gathering data of occupancy in restaurants instead of manual headcount and many other restaurant operations.
  3. Use of Analytics Software: Restaurant contractors and owners always have one worry as to how they can learn the preferences of customers and provide them a better restaurant experience.

Use of Analytics software

But now, new analytic software is capable of looking into customer preferences and behaviors, something that could never be possible with human intervention. Many hard-to-answer questions can be answered with big data analytics, including the question of why there are fewer visitors on Tuesdays and why some menu items are not popular and failing. Big data analytics also help to drive strategy to deal with it. POS system analytics are capable of understanding many factors by using sophisticated algorithms like the one Google uses in selecting websites on its pages. With these analytics, new marketing campaigns and important decisions can be made, which give restaurants an edge over the competition, gain more footfall and increase profts.

  1. Use of Smart Cooking Equipment: Technology has not only provided the solutions to inventory management and studying consumer behavior, but have also touched back end operations in restaurant kitchens. Smart cooking equipment in the kitchen, like multi functional ovens are capable of doing multi functional cooking, grilling and smoking and temperature controlled cooking. This equipment comes with a remote features program like overnight cooking, slow cooking and much more, thus removing intervention of chefs. Chefs can devote more time to inventing exciting new dishes, thereby helping restaurants to cater to varied customer needs. Refrigerators and air conditioners have also turned smarter and can be controlled by WI-fi, have environment sensors to adjust temperature as per outside temperature and save on the energy bill.

The above technological adoptions in the restaurant business have led to greater savings in restaurant expenses and more profit for the business.

Little Gecko technology consultants are a leading restaurant technology contractor in Boston and  the greater Boston area. If your Boston restaurant business is in need of a consultation of technology implement, we are here to help you. We can provide you with a variety of services in technology implementation in the restaurant business to lighten your workload and help you to earn more in your restaurant business, including installation of POS Systems, WiFi backup internet, routers, video and music acoustic systems. We are here to provide the latest technology in your business operations, so as to enable you to run your restaurant smoothly.

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Why Bars and Restaurants Need Security Cameras -Tips

If you are a restaurant owner, restaurant technology contractor or own a night club or bar, and the venue serves alcohol and handles heavy cash transactions, you must take care of security concerns and install security cameras before opening.

The installation of security cameras improves the video surveillance of the establishment, and helps you in the case of a mishap.

The following are some useful tips that will help owners of restaurants, bars and night clubs decide which type of security cameras should be installed, as well as where the cameras should be placed.

  1. Use IP or megapixel cameras for security: If you have installed a security camera in the area where most cash handling is done, then an ordinary security camera is of no use. If your security camera does not include IP or megapixel technology, please consider replacing it with the latest technology, which catches images sharply. One of the main purposes of this camera’s position is to ensure money is handled properly. Megapixel cameras can provide the proof you need in the highest resolution when a need arises.
  2. Ensure the whole picture is captured: Traditional stationary cameras have a limited field of view and do not provide the whole picture. For this reason, owners of restaurants and bars install PTZ cameras (pan, tilt and zoom) but these also don’t pan in an entire circle. Plus, you always miss some portion of the covered section as the camera is moved from position to position.

There is no such problem with a 360 degree camera. It can be mounted in the center of the restaurant, and you’ll be sure to catch all images of activity in that place with no lapses in coverage due to a limited field.




  1. Provides protection from law suits and loss of license: The most common reason for having a security camera in a restaurant, club, bar or dance floor is the occurrence of slips and falls, claims of over-serving, claims of assaults by the aggressors themselves, and protecting yourself(owners/ employees). With security cameras in place, false claims of over-serving, slips and falls and any quarrel can be monitored and saved for investigating agencies. This provides protection to restaurant staff and owners from persecution and loss of license.
  2. Low light conditions are fully monitored: Use of day/night and infrared cameras helps to accommodate darkness and low light problems. These cameras also come into play when burglaries occur during closing hours. In low light, identification of burglars is crucial. IP and mega security cameras serve the purpose of facial recognition in court cases, as criminals can be recognized without any question.
  3. Protection against shrinkage: Security cameras can help in monitoring the areas where the inventory is kept or in transition. Areas such as loading bays, where shipment of stock arrives, stock rooms, liquor coolers and areas where food and other items are kept, need constant monitoring from dishonest employees indulging in pilferage.
  4. Helps in adhering to health and safety standards: By keeping cameras positioned in the kitchen, restaurant owners can ensure health codes are being followed by food handling staff. You’ll know the position of back houses 24/7. This can save you from receiving fines and other penalties by health inspectors.
  5. Helps in monitoring service areas: By keeping the security cameras positioned on the service areas where food and drinks are being served by your staff, owners can have full control of the restaurant employees and know how staff is serving your patrons. Moreover, you can watch any free meals served by staff to their friends and relatives without your knowledge. Keeping an eye on  service areas allows you to offer training and track customer behaviors, such as traffic flow in the restaurant.
  6. Always on duty: Remote WiFi router controlled cameras are always on duty whether you are in the restaurant or not. You can watch your restaurant, bar and any area of your establishment without being there in person. This allows you to make business decisions quickly and accurately.

Here at Little Gecko Technology consultants of Boston, we are happy to provide technology services in your restaurant business to lighten your workload by offering POE Security Camera systems, POS systems, Micro POS Systems training in Boston, WiFi back-up internet routers, video and music acoustics installation in your restaurant, bar, or club. Our main goal is to get your new or existing restaurant business up and running, and to help your restaurant business run smoothly.

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What Should the Best Restaurant POS System Include?

Over the last several years, a restaurant Point of Sale System (POS) has managed day-to-day sales in restaurants. Lately, Micro POS systems in restaurants have started to include pay at the table options as well. Now restaurants meet customers’ needs in multiple ways without the use of cash registers or computer terminals in the restaurant. With the added functionality, it is now more important to find the most reliable and dependable POS system, which enables the restaurant to meet the varied needs of its customers.

There is a need today to process payments quickly and easily, as the payment system is the technological heart of the restaurant business. For this reason, a POS system is vitally important to the restaurant business.

Best Restaurant POS System

Since the POS system for restaurants is very important, its significance cannot be ignored. But the question is: What should a restaurant POS system include so that it can fulfil the needs of restaurant management and ensure customer satisfaction? Below are a few things the restaurant POS systems should include for the restaurant to get the maximum benefit:

  1. It Should be Mobile: Research has shown that about 65% of restaurant POS systems currently are hosted in cloud. The remaining 35% are also considering doing so. The benefit of this is the faster speed, lower maintenance cost and greater amount of scalability. Mobile POS systems also help in payment processing, a key factor in revenue increase and reduction in the overall cost of the overhead in restaurants.

. Mobile POS systems also help in gathering orders at the table, and transferring those orders directly to the kitchen for further processing. Faster order placement and pay-at-table processing helps with customer satisfaction and allows restaurants to serve more guests at a time.

  1. It Should Help with4 Data Intelligence: POS systems should have a capability to gather various amounts of data available in restaurants, such as which dishes are the most popular and which items consumed in restaurants are more profitable. If the restaurant POS system is capable of data mining, it should be shared with restaurant management to let them plan what further action is to be taken to make restaurant business profitable, and make guests fully satisfied with your restaurant offerings.
  2. Should Help in Employee Management: Good restaurant POS systems are equipped to include integrated employee scheduling tools. These tools help in tracking and monitoring employee hours with ease, and in some cases also predict sales and staffing needs. Now restaurant contractors, with the help of a POS system, can plan for the volume of business that is expected on a daily and hourly basis, as well as plan for staffing needs.

Restaurant Pos system boston

A smart restaurant POS management system helps to better control payroll costs and maximize employee efficiency. A labour efficiency report gives management information about the highest and lowest performing employees in the restaurant.

  1. Should be Capable of Inventory Control: A great deal of diligence is required in the managing of inventory in the food and beverage industry. Restaurant management is concerned with inventory management so as to reduce food waste, spoilage, theft, and over production. The good thing is, inventory management capabilities are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are becoming an integral part of next generation restaurant POS systems. Now restaurant operators can track inventory depletion in real time to help reduce food waste in restaurants, monitor inventory levels and help increase the profitability of the restaurant.
  2. Should Be Capable of Processing Mobile Payments: A smart restaurant POS system should be capable of processing and accepting EMV payments. This contactless EVM acceptance payment system provides many benefits to restaurant management. Management is spared the fear of fraudulent transactions made by guests through stolen cards.
  3. Should Help Guest Management: A robust restaurant POS system should include customer management including loyalty program options, order tracking history, capability to integrate with social media and other marketing tools. These guest management tools help management to plan their action in such a way that it leads to more footfall in the restaurant, thereby increasing restaurant revenue.

Little Gecko Technology Consultants are installers of the latest generation of restaurant POS systems in Boston and the greater Boston area, along with guest/internal wifi network routers, audio, TV and security cameras. If you are planning to open a restaurant in Boston, or you’re already in restaurant business and plan to install the above mentioned systems, we encourage you to contact us. We have a team of experts to help you in every sphere of restaurant management, and we’re here to help you to earn more in your restaurant business.

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Installing POS, Wi-Fi Cables During Construction Saves Restaurants Thousands of Dollars

Restaurant construction is one of the most demanding tasks for restaurant owners. To streamline the process, we recommend having trained experts install the necessary cables for Wi-Fi, security cameras, audio, TVs and your POS system while the walls are open during the construction process.



The Importance of Early Installation

Low voltage cabling is the wiring infrastructure within your restaurant’s walls that provides a lifeline for your business. When construction contractors are in the midst of new construction or a restaurant remodel, LittleGecko Technology Consultants are able to complete the wiring process without additional construction costs.

Early Installation Can Save You Money

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners overlook startup costs associated with digital technology while the restaurant construction company’s work is underway. It’s only after the restaurant construction crew closes the walls that it occurs to restaurant owners that wiring is needed for Wi-Fi, audio, the POS system,TV and security systems.

wifi in boston resturants

At this point, the cost skyrockets, as restaurant technology contractors must fish cables thru the closed walls, adding to construction costs. Keeping this in mind, it’s imperative that restaurant owners prioritize wiring from the get-go, and make construction management aware that technology consultants will be installing the needed systems before the construction crew closes the walls.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open is Key

Restaurant owners who need a contractor should make the contractor and restaurant construction crew aware of the installation plan from the start. Working as a contractor is simplified when restaurant owners keep the lines of communication open, so it’s important that all parties are aware of construction and wiring plans.

Construction project management will be impressed by your initiative, thus ensuring a positive relationship and reputation for your restaurant business.

How We Can Help

At LittleGecko, we understand that getting your restaurant up and running is your priority. That’s why we clue you in on tricks of the trade; we are intent on streamlining the process and saving you money when possible.

If your Boston restaurant business is in need of a consultation before or after opening your restaurant, we’re here to help! We arrange a variety of services to lighten your workload, including POS systems, Wi-fi, backup internet, routers, video, music and acoustics. We are up to speed on the latest technologies, and our goal is to get your new restaurant business up and running smoothly. We’d love to help with every aspect related to technology.

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What To Look Before Opening a Restaurant

The restaurant business is a very serious business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before opening a restaurant, a restaurant contractor has to look into various areas and plan the venture accordingly.

Due consideration on the points mentioned below is of utmost importance in running the restaurant successfully. Taking these things into account will allow your dream project to achieve the great success it deserves.

Arranging Finances Should Be Your Top Priority:

In running any successful business, finances are one of the top areas of consideration, and running a restaurant business is no exception.

Before opening a restaurant, one should have a sufficient amount of finances, as the landlord who is leasing the building needs to know how serious you are about the venture, and that you don’t pose a financial risk.

If you are securing a loan for the business, potential investors will gauge your worth from the amount of finances you are initially investing in the business. Having sufficient finances at the time of opening the restaurant will allow you to take greater risks and to plan innovative methods to run the restaurant successfully.

Check your financial projections

Check Your Financial Projections with Restaurant Occupancy: There is no denying that location is one of the greatest factors in running a successful restaurant. The better the location, the better the chance of the restaurant being a successful venture. We understand that better location does not come cheap, so before opening a restaurant, one should ensure that when adding all costs, there is a minimum profit of about 10-percent on the business.

Arrange for Insurance: Like any other business, restaurant businesses also carry a chance of accidents. Chances are that your chef or waiter may slip, the kitchen may have a fire, or burglars might steal your precious decora. You may have to compensate your employee for any accidents that take place during their time at work. It is better to have a sufficient amount of insurance for your restaurant, as well as the employees working there. This will relieve the restaurant manager from unnecessary worry, and he can concentrate on the many other important areas of restaurant management.

Arrange for Permits and Licenses: Every restaurant needs licenses and permits from the authorities to run the restaurant regardless of the location. There may not be specific permits like music permit or fryers permits, but business permits, fire department clearances, liquor permits and sales tax permits and licenses are very necessary. Always arrange these permits before your restaurant is open for business.

boston resturant sevices

Budget for Renovation: It is very rare that when purchasing a running restaurant, there is little to no need for renovation. Chances are a new coat of paint on the walls is required or a change of furniture upholstery is needed, or perhaps new fixtures in the bar. It is also important to renovate the front office as per the theme of the restaurant. Be sure to keep a sufficient contingency budget for these renovations.

Budget for Kitchen Renovations: The kitchen is an important area of cost outlay. The maximum amount of budget in opening a restaurant is incurred on kitchen and its fittings. Here you can plan financing options in purchasing kitchen appliances, as spending enough on this area will leave you with little finances for other restaurant areas.

Always Follow Rules: When you pay your restaurant employees, you should always follows the labor rules. Generally, tipped employees are paid less than minimum wage, but non-tipped employees are to be paid at least minimum wages as per the labor laws. One thing to be kept in mind is that staff payments are part of your primary area of expenditures.

Form a Policy to Source Your Ingredients and Inventory: As a restaurant owner, it is your duty to ensure that you have made sufficient arrangements for all your ingredients and other necessary supplies before opening a restaurant. Only open the restaurant to the public when your kitchen is fully stocked with all the ingredients and necessary supplies. Also arrange for furniture, POS systems, music system, internet routers, and computer systems before opening the restaurant.


Follow the Business Practices: Always follow the business practices that are prevalent in the restaurant business. Don’t rely on word of mouth to generate a buzz for sustaining restaurant business. Consider hiring a reputable PR firm for a few months to generate business leads, as these agencies have contacts with local press to provide your restaurant all the important coverage in the area of your restaurant business.

Leave Enough Leftover Money to Cover Day-to-Day Expenses: You should have enough working capital to meet day-to-day business expenses. These resources are needed to cover the cost of employee wages, food costs, and to meet regular expenses. As a rule of thumb, there should be a budget for at least 3 to 6 months for this purpose until the restaurant business is profitable and running.

If you are in the restaurant business or opening a restaurant in Boston or greater Boston area then we at Little Gekco technology consultants are here to provide you full consultation in opening the restaurant, arranging various restaurant needs like POS system, Computers, Internet routers, music systems and acoustic needs. We have a team of experts who are abreast with the latest technology in every sphere of restaurant management, from the beginning to the last stage, along with  employees training.

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Why Restaurants Should Encourage Use of Their WiFi Free to Guests

Restaurant owners spend a significant amount of time promoting their restaurants on social media. One selling point business owners often miss, however, is offering (and promoting) free WiFi to customers.

Following the latest trend in the business world, there are five important reasons why restaurants, bars and cafés should provide complimentary WiFi to guests:

restaurant wifi Boston

1. Cost is negligible: Every restaurant in today’s world is already paying for private internet access. To provide free WiFi to guests, a small investment in a new WiFi router is required, and will grant access to the public while keeping your network secure. A new router will allow guests to be on a separate WiFi network without disturbing restaurant operations.

2. Social media use increases when complimentary WiFi is offered: The use of popular social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is encouraged when restaurants offer WiFi free to guests. Customers will engage with family, friends and followers, sharing their location, and post images from your restaurant in real-time.

3. Customers stay longer and visit more often: A restaurant provides more than food – it’s a place to share a meal and spend quality time with family and friends. Social media has made this possible, even when loved ones are in different locations. If guests feel at home in your space, they will stay longer, spend more money and be more likely to become repeat visitors.

4. Mobile data is precious: As cell phone companies have begun to limit mobile data use and speed, customers have become more conscious about their use, and prefer to connect to WiFi whenever possible. In addition, international visitors to Boston seek out restaurants that offer WiFi so they are able to use their devices. By offering complimentary WiFi, customers will know your goal is meeting their needs and wishes.

5. Even the smallest details count: With stiff competition in the restaurant industry, it’s important not to let something as simple as not offering complimentary WiFi put you at a disadvantage. Adding the WiFi network name and password to your menu is a great way to let your customers know you care.

Ubiquiti boston installer

If you are in the restaurant business or looking to open a restaurant in Boston and are in need of a WiFi router, Little Gecko Technology Consultants is here to help. We are Ubiquiti installers in Boston and are leading Unifi installer in the Boston area. Since we are distributor of Unifi in Boston we can offer the best prices and best products. We pass our savings on to you so you get amazing technology without paying extra.

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How Mobile Apps Help Restaurants Attract Clients

Nowadays there is no field that doesn’t involve apps. Apps are available for all almost everything, whether it’s an app for social media interaction, addictive mobiles games, or apps for health and fitness.

Restaurant owners consider apps useful for various industries, and not just for their restaurants. However, there are glaring examples where innovative restaurant apps have helped restaurants to increase business, which has led to a change in restaurant owners’ minds regarding the usefulness of apps in the restaurant business.

A recent survey shows that 40% of customers who are visiting restaurant websites are doing so on their mobile phones.

Restaurant Computer Tech

One of the main reasons why restaurant owners should make an investment in mobile apps for their restaurant business is that apps lend them a larger area of operation, as well as a location-based targeted marketing. Mobile apps help them to push notifications not only to diners, but also potential customers and anyone near the restaurant.

One survey found that, if promised exclusive offers and discounts, about 60% of restaurant customers would be willing to download the restaurant app on their mobiles phones.

Opening a Restaurant Boston

Mobiles apps help restaurant contractors promote listings, search, promotion, and communication about the restaurant and its location to potential customers.

Here is a list of restaurants that have benefited from global reach through the inspiring mobile app use in transacting their business and achieving huge overall success on all fronts:

  1. Domino’s Pizza
  2. Starbucks
  3. Mini Bar
  4. Rhino Coffee
  5. Chipotle

Benefits of Designing a Mobile App for Your Restaurant

It is a great time for restaurants that offer takeout menus to implement the use of a mobile app for their restaurants. Surveys have revealed that almost 70% of the time, restaurant telephones are in use during peak hours, In many cases, there is no other alternative for customers but to resort to calling other restaurants to place an order. Many times, customers change their minds and place orders at a competing restaurant. Other times, customers opt to not place an order at all.

little gecko mobile app resturant

Below are the main benefits of designing and investing in a restaurant mobile app: 

  1. Provides a platform for customers to post reviews and testimonials
  2. Easy and convenient solutions for customers
  3. Helps in geo-tagging for push notifications
  4. Increases restaurant reach and access to customers
  5. Simplifies the ordering process for restaurant clientele
  6. Helps to build an army of loyal customers
  7. Provides a competitive edge to your restaurant in your area
  8. Reduces workload of in-house staff
  9. Offers valuable marketing data collection
  10. Increases the number of orders for the restaurant

As you can see, it is a win-win situation for the restaurant if they opt to design a proper restaurant app and promote the same among customers.

If you intend to open a restaurant in Boston and need technical assistance, Little Gecko Technology consulting Boston is here to help you. We provide assistance in all restaurant solutions–running the restaurant from beginning to end including,  Micro POS systems, failover internet and audio solutions.

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How to Enhance Marketing and Branding of Your Restaurant

One of the major areas of concern for the Restaurant Contractor is how to enhance marketing and branding of his restaurant so as to increase his earnings. Before embarking on his plan, he has to answer questions as to what his restaurant feels like. This must be done at a very early stage, because the restaurant business is unlike any other industry… It is an altogether unique and different business.

You have started the restaurant with a concept cuisine, food and location. Once those important factors are in place, you must decide how the business will grow.

You have built a brand from your special dishes, the interior, how your employees dress and behave, and how they look after your guests. You must consider your kitchen smell and technological innovations incorporated in day-to-day operations. You want your people to stand out. Your brand is a valuable asset. If you navigate it right, it will bring more people into your restaurant.

So, how do you get a great brand? Below, you’ll find the vital elements of restaurant branding and marketing:


Standing: The standing of your restaurant depends upon how you engage the community around you. This includes how you organise, donate and participate in community and civic engagements. Strive to make your presence in community work visible. This helps to build the reputation of your brand. Generally, people prefer to join and engage with the organisations that help out in the community. These people will prefer to use your logo in any events they organise for community service. For example, some organisers may use window stickers to advertise your business.

Trustworthiness: Consistency in delivering clean food and maintaining a clean location, along with consistently providing good service builds trust in people. People tend to recommend restaurants  that have everything in order, in lieu of restaurants with a reputation of being erratic and inconsistent. Consistency in the restaurant business does not come cheap; a lot of effort and technology is involved  from day one, including inventory management, staff scheduling and maintenance issues. This helps in building the reputation of the restaurant.

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Reviews: Good reviews give restaurants immense popularity. These days, anyone can be a restaurant critic. In an age of digital explosion and smart phones, people tend to share about their dining experience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Moreover, there are countless food bloggers who post their restaurant reviews on their blogs. You can boost the likelihood of positive reviews by offering an incentive. Moreover, you can start a website for people and customers to post reviews. Better reviews bring more business, and social media marketing is an effective way of doing business in modern times.

Presentation: One of the first things that comes to mind when considering branding is a business logo. When designing your logo, it’s important that your logo matches your brand. Make sure fonts are appropriate with a good colour scheme, and ensure that the design of your logo represents and connects with your business. Don’t take the logo designing process lightly. Enlist the help of a designer who is capable and will look at all aspects of your business to design a compelling logo. There should be consistency in your logo across all platforms for the presentation of your business. This type of consistency is required in writing, as well.

If you are opening a restaurant in Boston or in the Greater Boston area, you can contact us for all your Restaurant IT related requirements. We have a team of expert to provide complete guidance in restaurant IT, Micro POS system, failover internet solutions and restaurant computer technology. With our guidance and expert advice, we’re sure that you can enhance your restaurant branding and further increase your profit in the business.

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Smart Houses and the Role of Technology

The concept of houses has changed beyond recognition in the 21st century. Now, a house doesn’t only consist of four walls and a roof; it has become a smart house, where different gadgets help residents of the house complete household jobs with ease.

In 1923, a renowned Swiss architect named Le Corbusier described the house as a “machine for living in.” With the passage of time in middle of 20th century, this thought turned into a reality. People were relieved of the drudgery of household jobs with the availability of electricity and gadgets to help. More and more people started using washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners in their homes.

With the invention of transistors in the later part of 20th century, electronic gadgets became an important part of the household. The devices controlled themselves in a limited way using the inbuilt sensors and programs.

In the 21st century, smart chips in household gadgets has made them much smarter, as they can now be controlled remotely. The internet—and mobile internet use in homes—has made the shift to smarter houses. Now, more and more houses are using automated gadgets. Household devices that rely on internet control are being launched daily.

Smart houses filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, convenient, and more comfortable. Take this example: When you are driving home on a hot summer day, rather than feel uncomfortable at home, and wait for your house to cool down, you can switch on the air conditioner and adjust the your home’s temperature from your smart phone.

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Next, imagine this: You’re cooking dinner and you ask your voice assistant on Amazon Echo to read the main news and interesting stories for you while you focus on chopping vegetables.

There is no shortage of possibilities for smart home devices, and home automation seems to be the flavor of the future. Researchers have estimated that there is going to be tremendous growth in the shipment of smart home appliances. This include all smart appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators etc.), along with smart home safety and security devices and security systems (sensors, monitors, cameras, burglar alarm systems, and smart home energy saving equipment, like thermostats and smart lighting).



The smart home devices provide many benefits: convenience to the user, as he can perform other tasks and let the devices do their jobs independently. Beyond convenience, devices help in reducing cost and conserving energy. Imagine how LED bulbs reduce energy consumption in relation to old electric bulbs. Moreover, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan and recently, with cost reduction, are more affordable. Smart bulbs can change color as necessary and wireless dimming kits help to provide white light needs. Smart Lock provides security for homes and works with Siri through Apple Homekit.

Little Gecko Technology Consulting handles technology installation and upkeep of all types of installations in your home to keep it running as efficiently as possible. We also provide consultancy for installation and upkeep of machines in large office and business, such as stores and restaurants that require excellent audio and visual equipment for great customer experiences.

We have the ability to innovate, along with years of experience in providing solutions to your needs. We also provide Failover Internet Solution to restaurants, as well as cabling solutions to connect all your computers to share printers, scanners, and internet access with amazing speed and reliability, which is useful in homes and business offices. We also offer restaurant contractors assistance in opening restaurants in Boston, and we provide complete restaurant solutions in the fields of Micros POS system training for food and beverage operations in restaurants. We design and install audio equipment with the size and shape of space in mind for best quality sound output and listening results.

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How Internet Has Changed the Restaurant Business

After changing the lives of human beings forever, the internet has also entered into the realm of business—and done so in an effective way. Restaurants haven’t been forgotten as technology moves forward at lightening speed. And while younger generations can take credit for the digital revolution, restaurant customers of all ages are embracing digital technology in order to stay connected to their favorite brands.

As both digital technology and end users continue to grow, restaurant operators have adopted the internet and technological innovations that go along with it. This adoption of technology has helped the restaurant business to grow by leaps and bounds.

In the restaurant business, internet is affecting the following areas of restaurant business operations while providing effective ways to tackle the day-to-day problems that arise when running a restaurant:

Restaurant contactor


Customer Preferences:

Now, more than ever, restaurants need to know their web footprint. With the internet, restaurant owners have access to customer preferences and reviews. Today, almost all customers own smart mobile phones; they love to give reviews via cellphone rather than taking the time to fill out a form in a restaurant before they leave.

Rating sites use these reviews to form the basis for customer preferences in their apps. The better the review, the more the customer footfall in the restaurant, resulting in success of the restaurant business.

Improving Workflow and Streamlining Operations:

A proper system of control for kitchen appliances is necessary—and also mandatory—in terms of health and safety concerns for the success of the restaurant business. Every restaurant appliance—from ovens to deep freezers and other systems—need constant monitoring from employees. This can be cumbersome in nature, and miscalculations are likely. But with internet, kitchen technology can take over. Internal enabled equipment in kitchens automatically uploads the information to the cloud and is then analyzed and passed on to restaurant contractors in Boston to take appropriate action, thus streamlining restaurant operations.

Helping to Find Solutions for Food Wastage Problems:

As the shelf life of prepared and stored food in restaurants is very short, there are logical reasons for restaurant managers to be concerned. If there’s an absence of a proper handling system in place, there is bound to be food wastage, which adds to restaurant expenses.

The internet can assist restaurant managers in taking appropriate steps, including: food procurement, storage, and preparation according to the actual requirements based on the analysis of bookings, regular customer inflow, and orders in hand; this leads to having full knowledge of wastage problems.

Computer tech Boston


Providing the Platform to Engage with Restaurant Guests:

Internet technology has given restaurants new ways to reach their customers with tools that are powerful on social media. Announcing new menus and special promotional schemes on social media provides immense opportunities to enhance a restaurant’s image. Restaurants no longer need to rely on the press to inform potential customers. Restaurant can do it in their own space, just like customers do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Now, restaurants can engage on social media, sharing the uniqueness of their concepts to customers in a quick and effective way.

Helping Restaurant to Build the Best Teams:

The greatest challenge restaurants face is the mobility of staff in the hospitality field. To build and maintain a successful restaurant, restaurant owners need strong teams of hardworking, smart professionals who are familiar with the industry. The internet allows restaurants to announce their job requirements online. Also, job seekers can upload their resumes and make contact with job providers.



Helping with Financial Dealings:

The internet is helping restaurants gain greater control over their finances. By using POS machines, cash collection and handling, the burden is greatly reduced and chances of cash mismanagement are eliminated.

The use of internet and technology in restaurants has helped the restaurant industry to increase profits, streamline day-to-day management, and provide greater reach beyond restaurants’ geographical limits. Now, restaurant owners can reach customers in much more convenient ways.

It’s important to connect to the internet before opening a restaurant in Boston. Restaurant contractors are going in for failover internet as a viable alternative.

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VoIP for Your Restaurant: What to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone System

A VoIP phone system is the right choice for your restaurant, and here’s why: A VoIP phone system is the newest in phone system technology. You can send regular voice calls over a computer network instead of a traditional telephone line. The cost, compared with a conventional multi-line phone system, makes Voice over Internet Protocol an appealing alternative. VoIP phones systems for your restaurant are relatively easy to set up, especially if you are already connected to a single network.

Consider both the benefits and potential risks listed below before making the switch in your phone system, including any associated costs—particularly if your restaurant relies on delivery and take-out orders:

Initial Phone Set-Up Cost: Be prepared for any extra equipment you may need to purchase in order to make VoIP work with your existing system.

Additional Equipment: Hold off on disconnecting your traditional landline phone unless you’re sure that your equipment will no longer work. Some general business devices may require an analog phone line to connect, such as fax machines, security systems, card machines, and various other devices.

Caller-ID Hardware: Whether your existing caller ID adaptor supports digital or analog connections, VoIP requires both to integrate with Caller-ID and to your POS System for Restaurant.

Existing Landline Phone: Your existing digital phone may work with the VoIP phone system, but be sure to verify its compatibility.

Your Current Phone Number: If your restaurant takes orders by phone, one of your most important and valuable assets is your current phone number. Double-check that it can be used with the new VoIP system.

Troubleshoot and IT Assistance: Many firms assist with the initial setup free of cost, but you may incur ongoing charges for technical support.

Now consider these final tips if you think a VoIP system is right for your restaurant:

  • Shop around, ask questions, explore other options, and consider buying from a licensed reseller for a more competitive price and excellent support.

  • Consider contacting a phone system consultant. He or she will evaluate your requirements and make sure your VoIP system meets them. Some telecom system resellers offer this initial consultation at no cost.

  • Don’t forget to get a support contract in the case that you encounter any problems with your VoIP phone system. At the very least, the system will require upgrades. 

  • Be aware of maintenance costs as well as plan details, such as cost per minute, per use, or per line on your VoIP system.

  • Be proactive. Ask for all admin passwords to ensure you can make changes when required.

    • Always choose a system that you can access at any time for things like changing menu items, adding stage, changing users, etc. There’s no need to foot the bill for an IT person to complete these tasks.

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An Introduction – POS Systems for Restaurants

Almost every restaurateur has one question: Which POS system should I use? In the US, you can find dozens of point-of-sale systems, many of which cater specially to the restaurant industry. Each POS system claims to have the easiest interface, fairest price, most sophisticated software, best integration with reservation, and a host of other features.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that wireless POS systems can now be used on iPads and other tablets. It’s understandable that deciding on a POS system isn’t easy; not only do POS systems for restaurants cost thousands of dollars to install… They also play a key role in how smoothly restaurants run.

Here is a summary of some of the more popular POS system brands that are on the market today, as well as some innovative additions.

An introduction from GOURMET:

Gourmet – Hospitality Marketing For Today and Tomorrow says:

Micros POS System

Micros is the 800 pound gorilla in the market. As NASDAQ-listed company with over US$900m of revenues, Micros is one of the market leaders in the US and offers a wide range of POS systems for restaurants. When you buy a Micros POS system, you might get better software updates, warranties, training and scalability. Or you might not, but I’m pretty sure Micros didn’t get to be as big as it is without putting a serious amount of investment in its products. Micros also offer integration with other services, such as OpenTable’s reservation, which is helpful if you use OpenTable. Another side benefit is that, given Micros’ popularity, new staff are more likely to be familiar with the system (although most POS systems function in similar ways).”


The other big player in the market, Aloha POS systems, are made by Radiant Systems, another NASDAQ-listed company, but this time with just over US$300m in revenue. Nevertheless, Aloha is a very popular system, and offers similar benefits as Micros in terms of being a very large provider of POS systems. A very popular provider, Aloha also offers OpenTable integration. There is not much more to add here (except this video demonstrating the waterproof qualities of an Aloha system).

While there are many iPad POS apps available, we chose to cover Revel Systems, as it specifically targets restaurants. Compared to traditional equipment-based POS systems, iPad-based systems can be far less expensive to set up and run. Some offer you the freedom to select your own hardware, which can save money. Not to mention they just look cooler and take up less space.

On the surface, it seems that Revel Systems POS has all the features you would expect from a traditional POS system. One major benefit is that the back-end of the POS system is cloud-based, so there is no need for an on-premises server running the usual required databases and transaction reporting. However, some users might find that the systems is not as fast as they would like (not to mention that the iPad is not super waterproof, something that might be useful in a bar).”

Overall, the major POS system makers are in a very strong position and are apparently a good choice for a few years to come.

As their systems remain quite expensive, they may be missing a slice of the pie. Time will tell whether the restaurant POS systems will trend towards more mobility, versatility, and frugality.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Opening a New Restaurant

Opening a restaurant in Boston is an amazingly exciting venture. In order to be successful, restaurant owners must do their homework to learn all there is to know about the surrounding restaurant business landscape.

Opening a restaurant boston

Here’s What You’ll Need to Be Successful:

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • High threshold for stress
  • And of course, a sense of humor


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Why Use a POS System in Restaurants?

A point-of-sale system, otherwise known as a POS system, is so much more than a cash register. It is a touch-screen computer that allows the use of charts, and it records all transactions made within the restaurant. Almost every model has the capacity for fully-integrated accounting, inventory management, customer relations management (CRM), real-time video, service management, and payroll modules. Since restaurant point-of-sale system can be customized to meet specific needs, they work great with any restaurant concept.

Improve Speed and Efficiency

The POS system is very efficient. The employee enters an order into the system, which is directly sent to the kitchen via printer or monitor. POS systems enable restaurant managers and staff to monitor check times and deliver food promptly. Intuitive touch screens also allow for faster order entry and reduced training time.

Track The Effectiveness of Marketing Efforts like Rewards Programs

You can increase brand loyalty by offering your guests special discounts after they spend a specific amount of money. All information recorded into a POS system is saved and organized in the statistical data structure. The system will monitor alcohol sales, voids, credit card tips, comps, and per-person check averages etc. A POS system for restaurants can help owners and managers determine areas in which their serving staff needs improvement, as well as evaluate progress reports.

Detailed Information About Menu, Inventory, and Staff

Point-of-sale systems track consumption and immediately remove it from your restaurant’s inventory list, which helps to eliminate the risk of ringing up sold-out items.

POS systems can monitor your staff’s sales and also monitor their hours with detailed labour cost data. You can use the POS system to create employee schedules and as a time clock enabling employees to punch in and out. It also safeguards your restaurant against employee theft.

Every order for food preparation is sent through the POS system. Every item entered into the POS system is automatically removed from the inventory. At the end of every week, a POS system automatically calculates the inventory, enabling you to examine discrepancies and offers better purchasing choices.

Installing a New POS System or Updating a Current System

If you’re buying a new POS system for restaurant, ask your operator about the maintenance, repair services, system upgrade charges, and POS system training. On the first day that the POS system is put into service, request a POS system representative to be onsite to assist with the training and other technical problems.

You’ll need to do your part in maintaining your restaurant POS system, too. Update the POS system with any new menu items, and make system familiarization part of the Micros Training Boston program for new staff. Maintaining the integrity of your POS system database should be a high priority.

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How Restaurants Are Using Technology To Attract Customers

In today’s era of too much competition, restaurants are met with the daunting task of standing out from their competitors. Restaurants have to make their businesses run faster than their rivals in order to keep a higher rank and attract more customers. To keep up with the race, restaurants are using technology to bring in more customers. They are offering various kinds of technology services to their users in an effort to keep them coming back again and again, and become regular customers. Here’s how restaurants are using technology to draw in customers:

Restaurant Websites

People generally search online before embarking on any new experience. Restaurants often maintain an online website that typically includes their profile, services, menu etc. It is important for restaurants to have a good Redundant Internet Connection that does not get failover internet problems

Free WiFi

Having free WiFi in Restaurants attracts customers and encourages them to come back, thus increasing sales.

Mobile and Online Ordering Software

Restaurants like Dominoes offer convenient online and mobile ordering to customers. They also provide customers with the latest offers, discounts, and online menu.

Social Media

Many restaurants have social media profiles for marketing. These profiles display daily offers and discounts to attract people from social media. Restaurants also tend to blog about their dishes, amenities, and services from time to time, Restaurant blogs often include pictures and videos of satisfied customers, as well as events, which helps to generate sales.

Using Wait list Apps

Many restaurants use wait list like NOWAIT for their customers convenience. This service means busy customers don’t have to wait in line for their orders to be made. Customers place their orders and get an notification on their mobile device before waiting comfortably at their tables.

Cashless payments

Many restaurants provide their diners with cashless digital payments, allowing them to pay by credit card, debit card, mobile app payments and various other options. A POS System for restaurant makes the restaurant’s services more innovative and reliable.

Email and Social Media Marketing

Restaurants often take their customers’ contact information to send them regular emails and text messages providing them with the latest services and discounts.

Security Camera System

PoE security camera system for restaurants makes their businesses secure and protects them from any kind of employee or customer thefts.

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How to Prevent Your Restaurant From Employee Theft

Employee theft is something that most restaurateurs encounter at one time or another. No matter how well you prepare or how knowledgeable you are, there is always a possibility of theft in your restaurant. Employee theft in restaurants can have many faces. Employees have been caught stealing customer’s credit card information, giving away free drinks and food to patrons without authorization, and stealing food or alcohol for themselves.

Restaurant IT Boston

Some employees only steal because they know they can get away with it, and the possibility of getting caught is slim. But if employees know you have a system in place to track theft, most will respect the system, which in turn can protect your business from theft.

Below are some tips to safeguard your restaurant against employee theft:

Track All Sales and Inventory

Restaurant owners can’t possibly be everywhere at once, making it a necessity to have a good tracking system for food and beverage sales. Tracking all of your orders through a POS System for Restaurants can cut down on the number of freebies that your staff may give out without your knowledge.

Once an order is placed by the customer and sent to the kitchen or bar, the ticket can’t be changed without the manager or owner’s password. Of course, a POS system is used for security purposes, and only works if the bartender and kitchen staff know not to give out orders without a ticket.

Prevent food theft by closely monitoring orders, usage, and waste. You can set up a system in which at the end of every shift, inventory is taken and waste is written down. If the kitchen staff are aware that they are accountable for the food inventory, they will be more careful about keep track of it.

Install POE Security Cameras in Tour Restaurant

Installing POE security cameras is definitely a good idea. This is an excellent way to let your restaurant staff know that they are being monitored all the times, even if you aren’t on the premises. This may impact staff morale, but if theft is an ongoing problem at your restaurant, installing security cameras may be the quickest and easiest solution.

Be sure that any video monitoring is in line with the law in your state and also respects your employee and customer privacy.

Limit Staff Access to Cash Drawers

Not everyone should have access to cash drawer—only the owner, manager, or the shift’s head server should be allowed to manage the cash drawer, register, or safe. Fewer hands that touch the cash means fewer chances of money being stolen.

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How to Start a Killer Restaurant

Restaurant Computer Tech

Your background may be varied, extensive, and unusual, but you can still fulfill your dream of owning a restaurant.

Adults who have worked in the restaurant industry have said at some point that they would like to own a restaurant someday. However, nobody ever dreams of owning a restaurant that fails.

Here are some tips for would-be restaurateurs looking to own a successful restaurant:

1. Never Start Without These Four Rules

No restaurant can succeed without a great location, a great chef, a great concept, and IT infrastructure—four fundamental components that all work together. Your location must fit your concept. Your chef’s talent must fit your concept. Otherwise, you’ll continually deal with the most common word in the restaurant establishments: drama.

Some restaurateurs say location doesn’t matter because their goal is to create a destination restaurant. It’s difficult, however, to become a nice destination if you don’t start with a great location. And of course, accessibility is everything in the restaurant business. You have to be more accessible in terms of the location, the brand, and the price. Fast, casual restaurants are growing rapidly because they are incredibly accessible on all levels.

2. Always Overestimate Your Money Needs

Plan to have around eight to nine months of working capital from the beginning. You will be stunned by how quickly the expenses add up and how much time it takes for a new restaurant to draw in and hold onto regular patrons.

Restaurant IT Boston

Many times new restaurants see a big downswing in business after the initial excitement from the grand opening winds down. This is when capital is critical. You have to wait and see if the restaurant will really catch on. Many times, restaurant owners start out with the fund in reserve and start blowing it because they think that this honeymoon phase will last forever. That’s why most of the restaurants go out of business. Never let an initial victory go to your head. Success is only determined years later.

3. Consult Technological Consultants

restaurant computer tech

Do not take it as an extra task. You must consult a technological consultant for your restaurant. Make you restaurant computer tech and facilitate your customers with exceptional WiFi services, awesome AV experience, POS systems, POE camera establishments for your place and much more.

4. Never Be Cheap Where Your Guests Are Concerned

The most important capital you will spend is capital that adds value for your customers. Avoid cheap options for things like valets, equipment, and even desserts. Remember that everything that touches your patrons is very important.

Try to give away gift cards and lots of complimentary dishes in an effort to make your customers happy. Try to create a real connection with your patrons, and make the experience personal by offering them a new dish to try or by asking about their personal experience at your restaurant. Spend as much money as possible on the customer personal experience. Prioritize money for current and regular customers, because that’s the best approach to generate genuinely positive word of mouth.

In addition to the steps listed above, always keep these points in mind:

  • Learn to love teaching your staff

  • Focus on business and systems of operations

  • Encourage your staff to get involved in almost everything


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Which Phone System Should Your Restaurant Use?

Phone systems are essential to all restaurants, regardless of size. Telephone technology apps in the dining establishments world can cover all distinct types of dining establishments. From small diners to large establishments, the type of phones system your restaurant uses mostly depends on your restaurant’s needs.

Best Telephone System for Restaurants

The budget also plays a vital role, as more techno scientific equipment that comes with professional service and additional maintenance plans costs more than the simple home phone system. Having an effective communication system allows your restaurant to receive incoming calls for placing orders, as well as placing outbound calls to order supplies, or contact emergency dispatch in case of a crisis.

There is a huge list of types of phone systems that are typically used in the restaurant business; some are listed below. Choose wisely:

KSU Telephone System

KSU stands for Key Service Unit. The KSU system offers specialized telephone systems that are typically used by businesses only. These are often used by restaurants that need between 5 and 40 telephone lines and require extensions to be dialed within the business. The telephones are hard-wired and are connected to a central unit, so the KSU system must be installed by a professional. Note: If your restaurant requires a lot of extensions, you will have to purchase a service and maintenance plan.

Non-KSU Telephone Systems

Your home telephone system is a non-KSU telephone, as are other standard telephones that you can install yourself. This type of telephone system may be installed without professional installation services. It is useful for small restaurants that use less than 5 lines. Your restaurant will have to be pre-wired for non-KSU telephone service before it can be activated by a local service provider. This method is very budget friendly and has relatively low maintenance. This is most likely the type of telephone services your restaurant needs.

PBX Phone Systems

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. You must consider a private branch exchange (PBX) system if your restaurant is large in size or may be part of a franchise of restaurants with several locations that you want to network. Similar to KSU systems, all phones connected to a PBX system network build a private network and require professional installation services. Unlike a KSU system, however, you are able to install a single PBX system to cover various locations of a business—that’s over 40 lines more than a KSU system can handle.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone service for restaurant enables you to make phone calls using an internet connection instead of relying on traditional phone service. In many cases, VoIP phone service provider companies offer cheaper rates than conventional phone service. It can cover both home and business clients. Like conventional telephone services, the actual cost will depend on what services and service providers are available in your restaurant’s area. Furthermore, if internet service is bad or irregular in your restaurant location, your telephone service will have the same problems.

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Basic Tips For Hiring a Staff For Your Restaurant

Restaurant IT Boston


If you are new to the restaurant business, don’t overlook the aspect of hiring and managing staff. As an owner, you’re in charge of all the HR functions of the restaurant. This task includes all the hiring and firing of staff members, plus everything in between. Therefore, it’s very important to hire the right kind of staff for your restaurant.

All restaurant positions, such as waitstaff, bartenders, and kitchen staff, take a certain skill set and talent to complete these jobs well. Don’t take the hiring process lightly. Take adequate time to find the best people to fill vacant positions for your restaurant. It will help establish your new restaurant business and assure continued success for years to come.

Hiring For the Front and Back of the House Staff
There are many vacant positions to hire for when you decide on opening a new restaurant. Depending on the position and skill set necessary to complete a job, some positions require previous restaurant experience, while others are perfect for a fresher.

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The concept of your restaurant will help guide you in what type of chef or cook to hire. Most upscale restaurant dining concepts require experienced chefs and cooks. Restaurant cooks and chefs come with a wide variety of experiences. Depending on the size of your restaurant and layout of the restaurant kitchen, you may need only 2 or 3 chefs/cooks, or you may need 10 to 15! You need to find out the difference between a chef and a cook, and a sous chef and an executive chef.

Write an Effective Employee Manual
An employee manual is obviously a good idea for any restaurant or other business. An employee manual outlines detailed job descriptions, as well as the employer’s expectations for job performance, safety procedures, and all other pertinent information. An employee manual helps new restaurant employees to start out on the right foot, and minimizes any confusion and misunderstandings later on.

How to Prevent Your Restaurant From Employee Theft
Most employers trust their employees; no one believes that their workers will steal from them. But the reality is, no matter how well you think you know your workers, there is always a possibility of workplace theft. Whether it’s theft in the form of free food for friends, free desserts, or stolen alcohol, employee theft will cost your restaurants lots of money. Install a POE security camera system in your restaurant to minimize the chances of employee theft before it happens.

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Hiring the right people for your restaurant and making your expectations clear from the beginning will help your new staff come together and work as a team. Always remember: Your restaurant is only as good as the individuals who are working in it.

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How To Choose a Phone System and Provider for Your Restaurant

VOIP phones

Every restaurant needs a phone system, and your mobile line alone won’t cut it. Below is a list of options for your phone system needs:

Although we live in an era of texting and social media, your restaurant still needs a business phone system. To choose the right phone, you must first determine what your requirements are, how much you can pay, and whether you want to take a risk on new technology or use a traditional phone system.

Find a Reliable Service Provider

When looking for a service provider, there are two important boxes you need to check off your list of requirements: The perfect phone service provider should be reliable and have excellent call quality. You could lose customers if you are unable to hear each other over the phone, or your phone system suffers from chronic dropped calls.

If you don’t want to get trapped in this kind of situation, take time to do some homework. Look online and ask other restaurant owners which services they trust, then choose the most suitable one for your business according to your requirement list. You are likely to find several phone service providers that can meet your demands. From there, you’ll want to go with the most affordable option.

Single Line v/s Multiple Lines

Firstly, you have to decide how many phones lines your restaurant needs. It is not possible to predict the volume of phone calls restaurant will receive, here you’re going to need at least a couple of phone lines. If you think you need less than five phone lines, you can choose a conventional phone service and install regular phone lines with a business plan from any local provider. And, if you decide you need multiple phone lines, then you may need to consider KSU phones that are routed through a centralized unit.

Truth About VoIP Phones

Some small business and restaurant owners are concerned that VoIP technology will eliminate the necessity for traditional landlines. VoIP phones basically use an internet connection for phone calls, which means the services you pay for are less expensive than conventional methods. However, numerous people believe that there is a risk of irregular service and chronic dropped calls. The reliability mostly depends on your internet service provider, so choose a plan that offers an abundance of bandwidth and internet speed. You’ll also need to buy IP phones, but the upfront cost for this system is low.

Read more: VOIP service for restaurants : A game Changer 

Are Extras Really Necessary?

Once you have chosen a suitable services provider and plan, you can opt for extras that may be useful for your business. Voice messaging is essential in order to receive messages during your off hours. Call forwarding is also a smart choice, as you’ll be able to route restaurant calls directly to your mobile phones while running errands during the day.

Custom messages are a great way to relay important information to your callers about your restaurant. If you set up a call menu for your guests, you can give your customers information such as: specials of the day, directions to your restaurant, hours of operation. You can also route customers to another line to make a reservation. This feature is a great time-saving tool for your staff and your customers.

FAILOVER INTERNET / Failover internet, internet failover solutions / 8 May 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

How To Protect Your Restaurant From An Internet Outage Using Failover

In today’s modern and technological era, almost every business’ critical operations rely on an internet connection. Even a very short disruption in internet connection can mean lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity.

Cash payments are rare these days; people are relying on more modern options. People are more tech-savvy today, so transactions are almost always made via credit or debit cards and other online payment methods. From credit card transactions to customer service apps, you depend on your internet network connection to handle all your restaurant’s business operations in an intelligent, efficient manner. Along with these various jobs, network security must be a priority for your restaurant. Failover internet can trouble any business on a major level. The need to run your restaurant without the worry of threats and sensitive customer data being compromised is critical.

LittleGecko internet failover solutions will keep your network running and your customers and staff happy when your internet is down. We will help you install devices that automatically and seamlessly switch over to a wireless 4G LTE broadband internet connection. Any systems connected to the device can continue to operate at broadband speeds. Customers and employees often don’t even realize that the primary internet connection has been lost.

Our wireless network experts will provide an all-in-one internet fail-over solution that is easy to deploy and manage. This invaluable solution can facilitate both wireless and wired WAN through a single platform, keeping the many tools and services that require connectivity up and running. These include:

Our internet solution decreases IT tech man-hours, hardware and network downtime. It also empowers a one-man network admin team to maximize limited sources.

POE CAMERAS / 2 May 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

Why Use a POE Security Camera System in Your Restaurant?

PoE Security Camera System

What is Power over Ethernet (POE)?

It is a technology that allows the network cables to carry electrical power.

For example, a digital security camera in your restaurant requires that two connections be made when it is installed:

First Connection: A video connection to stream the video recording and display equipment at your business place.

Second Connection: A power connection that will deliver the electrical power the camera requires in order to operate.

Note: If your restaurant is PoE Security Camera System enabled, only the network connection needs to be made, as it will also receive its electrical power from this cable.

Why Use Power Over Ethernet?

Specifying POE brings many advantages to an installation at your business:

Time-saving and inexpensive – It reduces the time and cost of having a POE system electrical power cabling installed. Installation of network cables does not require a licensed electrician and it can be located anywhere.

Flexible – You can easily relocate and reposition an electrical outlet and devices such as wireless access and IP cameras whenever required.

Security – Power Over Ethernet is intelligent. It is specially designed to protect network equipment from underpowering, overload, or any kind of incorrect installation.

Reliability – Power Over Ethernet powers itself from central and universally compatible sources rather than a collection of those distributed wall adapters. It can be controlled to easily disable or reset devices or backed-up by an uninterrupted power supply.

Scalability – If you have power available on your network at your restaurant, that means installation and distribution of the network connections is simple and effective.

Devices That You Can Use With Power Over Ethernet

POE can be used with many applications, but the major key areas are:

VoIP phones – If you’re using VoIP phones in your restaurant, this is an original POE application. Using POE means phones have only a single connection to a wall socket, and it can be remotely powered down like older analog systems. Note: They’re easy to operate!

IP cameras – POE can be found everywhere now on networked surveillance cameras; POE enables easy repositioning and fast deployment.

Wireless Devices – Wifi access points are commonly POE compatible to allow remote location away from AC outlets and relocating site surveys. Note: POE can be used with wireless devices as well.

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WIFI / 1 May 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

Why Should Your Restaurant Provide Free WiFi?

Free WiFi in Restaurants

Whether you are new to the hospitality industry, or you have a lot of experience running a restaurant, you may be wondering if there is any value in offering free WiFi to your customers. Restaurants, pubs, and cafés not offering free WiFi for their customer are likely to be in the minority today.

In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, you can offer something very exclusive which could produce huge returns. Free WiFi in Restaurants offers hospitality businesses a chance to bring in and hold onto new customers.

Technology is an vital tool for restaurant owners. It allows individuals to check in at your restaurant, which in turn promotes your business. Customers also have the opportunity to read reviews, access the special offers, and receive additional information about the food your establishment offers. There are many ways that Restaurants in Boston with WiFi could actually allow you to connect with your customer’s ads, increasing both long-term loyalty and short-term profits.

Below are few reasons why you should offer Free WiFi in Restaurants to your customers/visitors:

1. Bring In New Customers/Visitors

WiFi permits food joints like bars, restaurants, and eateries to draw in customers whom they would not have attracted before. It’s understandable that sitting alone in a restaurant or bar is sometimes disheartening and often feels demoralizing to solo customers. WiFi access helps the individuals to interact online with friends while sitting alone in a bar or restaurant.

2. Collecting Customer/Visitor Data

In order to use WiFi, customers will need to enroll, as WiFi systems usually have an enrollment process for new users. In order to enroll, customers must provide some information including name, sexual orientation, age, email address, and contact number etc. This is a great opportunity for restaurants to collect customers data. With the information given by customers, restaurants are able to focus on their patrons by sending them unique offers through SMS, newsletter etc.

3. Very Little Investment Is Required

Introducing a WiFi Hotspot often doesn’t include the expense that many establishments envision.

4. Aim to Live Up to Customer’s Expectations

Free WiFi is presently available on open and private transport in downtown areas like libraries, lodgings, restaurants, eateries, bars, and even chapels. Restaurants that don’t offer free WiFi should consider opting into this modern technology, and permit their customers to stay engaged with them in the online world. The inability to offer this service could potentially hurt a hospitality business. Research shows that 1 in 10 individuals admit to leaving a business due to the fact that there is no free WiFi access.

5. Differentiate Your Business From Competitors

Cost and quality are the conventional means for any organizations to separate themselves from one another, yet innovation is driving organizations to re-evaluate this methodology. In the era of smartphones and tablets, offering free WiFi will give you a noteworthy advantage over competitors.

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5 Tips To Open a Successful Restaurant in Boston

Opening a restaurant Boston

The restaurant count is growing day by day in Boston. Boston is welcoming nearly 150+ restaurants every year to its dining landscape. Some of these businesses taste success seemingly overnight, while others do not. If you are planning on Opening a restaurant in Boston, the question is: How do you create a successful restaurant in Boston’s great competitive dining environment?

LittleGecko will show you how! We will help you to redesign your restaurant according to customers’ modernized requirements today. Below are tips on how to open a successful and thriving restaurant in the Boston area:

1. Stay Calm and Focused

If you’re worried, try to keep yourself calm and think of a teacher who is trying hard to get the attention of his students. Now, turn the tables and consider this: What if those students are vying for their teacher’s attention every day? Keep your eye on your goal, stay focused and attempt to temper your stress. Recognize the mistakes you’ve made previously and endeavor not repeat them again. Don’t be afraid to make changes and make your business the best among your competitors.

2. Perfect Location

If you’ve decided to open a restaurant, finding a location could be the most difficult part of your job. There are lots of facts you need to keep in mind, such as crowd, land etc. Most importantly, try to find an exciting, dramatic space that can also help to tell your story and create a dialogue.

3. Find Good People

Finding good people is certainly not an easy job, but finding the right team/staff should be your top priority. You will have to bring passionate people together to make a winning team. These workers must be passionate about their jobs and about the owner’s ideas and concepts. Otherwise, you need to move on and find another team… If your team is not accepting of your terms, you can’t expect your customers to be. Each member of your staff is a brand ambassador, from the GM to the runners and dishwashers.  Your team is capable of translating your vision to the customers and general public.

4. Build an Engaging Brand

You can’t expect customers until you create a brand that people find engaging. Because the restaurant industry is massive, you have to create a welcoming, memorable place where people like to visit. You have to think beyond your traditional PR ways and build a strong brand and engaging community whenever and wherever possible. Convert people from strangers to your customers by connecting the digital dots and keeping them in a constant mode of engagement.

5. Work Hard and Keep Smiling

As a start-up in the restaurant industry, you have to be prepared for “all in or nothing.” The opening mode will extend way before and way after opening day. Be prepared to work extremely long hours in the starting days, and be prepared to do anything at any time that is required. This includes cleaning tables to taking out the garbage, and offering a warm smile to donning a party dress to host a gala event all on the same day. Yes, that actually happens. Be ready for anything.

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ACOUSTICAL REMEDIATION / 25 April 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

How Important is Acoustics Remediation in Hospitality?

Interior acoustic quality in environments such as bars, restaurants, and cafés can have a significant impact on your customers and staff alike, affecting the hospitality business itself.

Various factors affect the overall acoustic quality of these spaces, such as the background noise, speech, and architectural design of establishment.

Places like bars, restaurants, and cafés traditionally have carpets on floors and soft furnishings. They used upholstered chairs, curtains, and tablecloths, which provide some sound-absorbing qualities. But recent trends are leaning towards a modern look, including high ceilings and hard surfaces. These features are very pleasing and are known to produce excessive room echo. These venues are usually crowded, which makes for an uncomfortably loud environment. Some studies show that venues like these generally foster acoustic conditions that make for uncomfortable social interactions.

Social interactions are usually a very common source of excessive noise. This phenomenon occurs when conversations of different individual groups create noise, which in turn results in surrounding groups competing to be heard and understood.

Customers often struggle with hearing and understanding speech in food court. In fact, most people admit to avoiding these places altogether. This just goes to show how truly significant interior acoustics are and how they can attract or hinder your customers.

Understand that Internal Acoustics Remediation is important and ensures that your visitors are being offered a pleasurable experience. It also ensures that your staff’s health and safety will not be compromised by excessive noise.

While the importance of providing acceptable interior acoustic conditions is clear now, there is a common misconception that investing in the interior acoustic environment can be very costly. Remember that redefining your establishment to promote better acoustic conditions can increase your business, which leads to an increase in revenue.

To summarize, providing an acoustically accommodating environment is better for your customers, staff, and business. If you are designing a bar, café, or restaurant, contact an Acoustical Remediation Consultant like LittleGecko, who specializes in providing customized interior Acoustical Remediation.

AUDIO/VISUAL / 24 April 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

Top 5 Professional Restaurant Audio Video Systems

There are millions of restaurant locations in the US and abroad that are opening locations almost every week. Due to steep competition in the restaurant business, restaurant owners are getting increasingly creative in an effort to attract customers. Business owners are trying their hardest by doing everything possible to keep customers coming back time and time again.

Restaurant owners are making their restaurants more modern day by day, because they understand the value of an entertaining atmosphere along with superb food and other great services and amenities. One way to move to the next level is by installing professional Restaurant Audio Video Systems to help enhance the dining experience. This is also helpful for increasing sales.


From bars to cafes and restaurants, there are many ways to use Audio/Video systems. Let’s take a look at a few examples that have become increasingly popular:

1. AV Systems For Restaurants

Restaurant owners are setting up audio systems at their establishments, which help to set the mood of the restaurant and increase its entertainment appeal. Who doesn’t love delicious food with great music in the background? Many restaurants have also added screens and accompanying audio to provide guests with an opportunity to watch what they like, such as music videos and concerts, sports events, and more.

A growing number of restaurants have seen a huge success in using AV Systems for Restaurants. Today customers expect high-quality sound and HD video systems. Hiring a professional restaurant contractor like LittleGecko to install AV systems is a smart choice.

2. Exclusive Event Rooms/Halls

You can build a wonderful revenue from special events in your restaurant. With the right AV equipment systems, a restaurant can attract customers for birthdays, anniversaries, receptions, corporate events, and various other occasions. Customers who want to celebrate a special occasion usually request separate AV systems and special decor services in order to make their event unique.

3. Automated Lighting and Audio Controls.

In order to adjust the lighting and music levels, a continuously growing number of restaurant owners are integrating their lighting and AV controls into their AV system. For example, your restaurant might want dim lights each evening at 6:00 p.m. and the music level to increase at 10:00 p.m. when customers move to the dance floor. This type of automated AV system helps to set the right tone throughout the day in your restaurant and also save the restaurant money in unnecessary energy bills.

4. Screens at Every Table in Restaurants

Restaurants and bars are taking entertainment to the next level by installing personal screens at each table or booth. These restaurants require a specially-planned AV system so that every patron can easily operate their screen and clearly hear the audio without bothering other customers.

5. Interactive Video Systems.

Today’s restaurants are also embracing the interactive opportunity of AV systems. For example, images and videos can be clicked on and projected on a screen in real-time throughout the restaurant. With ceiling-mounted projectors, restaurants can also create an interactive dance floor using captured images projected on the floor. Today’s customers are drawn to interactive technology, so expect to see this latest trend catching on even more in the restaurant industry.

As a value-added in the AV space, you have a great opportunity to create new and ongoing revenue. Feel free to get creative with AV technology installation services with LittleGecko. Read Get Quick Tips About Opening A Restaurant and create a place that everyone love to visit.

GENERAL / 20 April 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

5 Quick Tips For Opening a Restaurant Boston

Here are 5 quick tips about restaurants you should know before opening a new restaurant business:

1. Deciding On a Restaurant Location

If you are opening a new restaurant or looking to replace your existing restaurant in Boston, choose the area wisely. Because choosing the right location is not an easy job, you’ll need to do extensive research on the competition, demographics, restaurant size, visibility, and more. You can work with a real estate agent who has expertise in restaurant real estate. Your agent will find the perfect site for your restaurant.

Restaurant IT Boston

When opening a restaurant Boston, get to know more about the facilities and atmosphere other restaurants are providing, and get an idea of how you want to go over and beyond for your customers. Remember, your focus should be on what the space can become rather than focusing on what it looks like now.

2. Consider Hiring a Restaurant Contractor
Always hire an experienced restaurant contractor to make your restaurant a place where everyone loves to visit. Don’t overlook the installation of IT facilities in your restaurant. In this modern era, people need access to all kinds of AV, the internet, Acoustical Remediation, and networking facilities almost everywhere. Be sure to make your restaurant a place where your customers want to visit again and again.

3. Invest In a Restaurant POS System
If you have an established restaurant, I would strongly recommend investing in a POS System. Cash registers can track your sales, but Restaurant POS Boston systems allow you to track menu items and sales, and helps with reservations. These systems also act as a time clock for your staff.


Restaurant POS Boston

A POS system is worth using in your restaurant.

4. What Makes Your Restaurant Different?
You most likely have a clear vision for your restaurant. Your restaurant requires a clear restaurant concept or theme, which will make your restaurant different from the others. Consider the following: Is your restaurant going to be a fine dining or quick service establishment? What differentiates you from other restaurants in the area? Try hard to do everything you can to make your restaurant stand out from the rest. Make your Restaurant computer tech-savvy with Little Gecko Tech.

5. What’s Your Business Plan? Is It Clear?
If you have polished your restaurant concept, you’re ready to develop a business plan. Don’t make a mistake like other restaurant owners by not creating a clear business plan in the earlier phases, which leads to many hurdles along the way.

Fun Restaurants in Boston

A business plan helps to keep you informed about your license, construction, legal concerns, etc. Nothing is overlooked with a business plan and  it also acts as a road map. Always draft a clear restaurant business plan that will act as a blueprint of your vision for the restaurant. Plan something to Improve Restaurant Service To Keep Visitors Coming Back for a successful restaurant establishment.

WIFI / 14 April 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

What You Don’t Know About Wifi—Littlegecko Could Be Costing More Than You Think

Key Pieces of Wifi Littlegecko 
If you would rather have a bulky camcorder with all of these characteristics, then you are going to be paying a high cost 
for it. A few more recent high-end camcorders are nowadays featuring 3D recording capabilities. For example, Sony is making 
a few really outstanding camcorders which could project a 60 inch image. They do so by recording two distinctive 
pictures. This is not something you'll locate in a full-size camcorder though. Complete size camcorders do a lot 
more than simply record videos these days. They do make a few really very good video quality camcorders offering great value for 
the money.

Cancun's Hotel Zone offers countless eateries. There's currently a second serial port. Next, we have to be sure we have 
an online connection before launching chromium. Connectivity is being prioritized and we'll constantly have several 
products to look after it. "Wearable's, curative equipment and diagnostics might be the comprehensive categorization of 
the kind of equipment designed," he states. The roof-mounted solar H20 heater stipulates the hot H20.

The little framework of the iPad enables you to actually hold the worldwide web in your hands. To begin with, the 
layout is simply awesome. It can similarly be utilised in jobs needing ultra-quick processing for numerous flows of info.
Our strategy, due to a pension and very attentive fiscal planning, should let us live this kind of lifestyle indefinitely.
The first actions to complete are: finding a good sales deal on a camcorder. A lot of people thrive in pressurised situation, and
want different folks around them. I personally would like to understand in the event of any questions or clarifications needed!

Once you opt to go for a unique board, you start looking into what it offers. Development boards are now exceptionally 
helpful for designers. They are available for an extremely broad array of uses that range from music processing to 

In case the last solution may be developed without going through the aggravation of another board, this may be a welcome 
shift. However, you will discover customers of all ages, including lots of flight attendants from various airlines. 
Amounts and specifications may be the most vexing portion of purchasing an inexpensive camcorder.
Following are a few of the principal ones. It's possible for you to buy one on its official site. You can purchase both on 
their official site.

Blue Gecko Cantina is among those options. Call Gecko and we'll handle it from start to finish. Compared to several 
of the alternatives on Bunaken Island, Happy Gecko is quite inexpensive.

You then have the choice of controlling your hot tub from any area at home or lawn, or from any place in the world with an 
online connection. Do note the neighborhood grocery has a limited collection, hence we might not be in a position to 
satisfy all your requests. One thing to notice is that high resolution video can be extremely large, and obtaining a 
substantial memory card, or maybe a couple of them, is going to make things easier. Notify us in the space below. 
Read more about Public Wifi for Restaurants.
VOIP PHONES / 12 April 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

VoIP Service For Restaurants in Boston: A Game Changer

VoIP Phones

It’s time to cut the cord with your company’s landline. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a modern day game changer when it comes to the way companies communicate. VoIP is a landline alternative that allows for video, voice, and text exchange over the internet. As a VoIP service provider, Little Gecko Technology can hook you up with this cost-effective tool to automate, analyze, and streamline your company’s communication system.

Reasons to Switch to a VoIP System:

Improved Communication

The success of a business is dependent on effective communication. In addition to streamlining phone calls with customers, VoIP Boston enhances communication among employees. Imagine sending a text rather than walking to a phone and hoping the person you need picks up on the other end. Additionally, an internet-based system is particularly useful if you are managing multiple restaurants in multiple locations. Little Gecko allows you to easily expand the number of phone lines as your company grows without system downtime.


Little Gecko can program an auto-attendant feature within a VoIP system. Voice recognition capabilities allow the auto-attendant to provide information about special events, entertainment, and hours of operation. The auto-attendant can even direct customers to make a reservation. This function allows customers to interact with your restaurant during non-business hours.


VoIP systems can provide your company with a useful analysis of your communication. Are customers most commonly calling to schedule reservations? Find out about events? At what time are customers calling? These analytics provide a foundation on which you can personalize marketing and availability to meet your customers’ needs. Little Gecko will explain how to get this useful information at your fingertips.

Reduced Cost

Switching to a VoIP system may reduce a company’s phone bill by 50-70% in the long-run. High-speed internet is affordable and likely something your business is already using. Why not make the most of your internet by connecting it to a VoIP system? Additionally, extra fees for long-distance phone calls are eliminated.

VoIP Phone Service for Restaurants systems are improving the way restaurants do business. Ready to change yours? Contact Little Gecko today to make the switch.

POE CAMERAS / 7 April 2017 / Little Gecko / 0

4 Benefits of Using Power Over Ethernet Camera

If you’re considering a new video surveillance system for your home or business, the options can be overwhelming. Little Gecko Technologies can help you choose the best system for your needs and help to take advantage of the newest tech advances. One surveillance option to consider is a PoE security camera system. Unlike traditional cameras that require two cables to connect, PoE uses only one cable and is a smart, cost-effective way to keep your property secure. Here are a few reasons to consider this type of surveillance system:

Ease of Installation

Little Gecko will perform a quick and seamless installation of your surveillance system. One benefit of PoE cameras is versatile placement. Since the power to the device flows through the Ethernet cable, there is no need for an AC power source, meaning the cameras can be installed virtually anywhere. Additionally, if you find the need to relocate your cameras, this can be done without hassle. Whether you want obvious or discreet placement, a PoE camera system offers versatility.


PoE system installation costs only a fraction of traditional camera installation. Since PoE doesn’t require an AC outlet, this means fewer supplies and labor costs for extensive wiring. Contact Little Gecko for a consultation and price quote.


PoE cameras are backed by an uninterruptible supply of power. Even in power outages, the camera will continue to function.

User Friendly

The advent of PoE has greatly changed the way surveillance video footage is monitored. Now, you can remotely access the PoE cameras using an app and even download the footage to your laptop or mobile device. Find peace of mind in knowing your property is secure while you conveniently monitor from afar. Little Gecko will walk you through the use of the camera and apps and make sure you feel comfortable self-monitoring.

FAILOVER INTERNET / 7 October 2016 / Little Gecko / 0

Internet Failover Solutions for Your Business

As a business owner, you use internet for every single aspect of your business. You know the frustration and dread that sets in every time the internet goes down and everything comes to a standstill. In addition to being unable to send or receive emails, you can’t run credit cards or use your scheduling systems. Plus, your security system may go down.

At the very least, you lose hours of productivity and sometimes much more. What if there was a way to ensure that you would never have to rely on internet connectivity again, and you could rest assured that your business would be 100% up and running 100% of the time?

Get acquainted with Failover Internet, the new option for businesses that need to be connected around the clock. Failover Internet is like having a backup system in place 24/7 so you don’t rely solely on an internet connection. With Failover Internet, your systems are not affected by internet outages or downtime.

Use 4G LTE, which is continuously operating and completely reliable, along with being a perfect internet failover solutions, to bridge any gaps in internet availability. Your business will run seamlessly no matter what happens with your internet connection.

Failover Internet is the technology wave of the future. There is no reason why any business owner wouldn’t opt for this service. Internet downtime is the bane of any business, and it’s not something you need to put up with any longer.

Ask us about getting started with Failover Internet. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and make sure you understand how it can best work for your business.