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What To Look Before Opening a Restaurant

The restaurant business is a very serious business and shouldn't be taken lightly. Before opening a restaurant, a restaurant contractor has to look into various areas and plan the venture accordingly. Due consideration on the points mentioned below is of utmost importance in running the restaurant successfully. Taking these things into account will allow your dream project to achieve the great success it deserves. Arranging Finances Should Be Your Top Priority: In running any successful business, finances are one of the top areas of consideration, and running a restaurant business is no exception. Before opening a restaurant, one should have...
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Why Restaurants Should Encourage Use of Their WiFi Free to Guests

Restaurant owners spend a significant amount of time promoting their restaurants on social media. One selling point business owners often miss, however, is offering (and promoting) free WiFi to customers. Following the latest trend in the business world, there are five important reasons why restaurants, bars and cafés should provide complimentary WiFi to guests: 1. Cost is negligible: Every restaurant in today's world is already paying for private internet access. To provide free WiFi to guests, a small investment in a new WiFi router is required, and will grant access to the public while keeping your network secure. A new...
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How Mobile Apps Help Restaurants Attract Clients

Nowadays there is no field that doesn't involve apps. Apps are available for all almost everything, whether it's an app for social media interaction, addictive mobiles games, or apps for health and fitness. Restaurant owners consider apps useful for various industries, and not just for their restaurants. However, there are glaring examples where innovative restaurant apps have helped restaurants to increase business, which has led to a change in restaurant owners' minds regarding the usefulness of apps in the restaurant business. A recent survey shows that 40% of customers who are visiting restaurant websites are doing so on their mobile...
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How to Enhance Marketing and Branding of Your Restaurant

One of the major areas of concern for the Restaurant Contractor is how to enhance marketing and branding of his restaurant so as to increase his earnings. Before embarking on his plan, he has to answer questions as to what his restaurant feels like. This must be done at a very early stage, because the restaurant business is unlike any other industry... It is an altogether unique and different business. You have started the restaurant with a concept cuisine, food and location. Once those important factors are in place, you must decide how the business will grow. You have built...
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Smart Houses and the Role of Technology

The concept of houses has changed beyond recognition in the 21st century. Now, a house doesn't only consist of four walls and a roof; it has become a smart house, where different gadgets help residents of the house complete household jobs with ease. In 1923, a renowned Swiss architect named Le Corbusier described the house as a "machine for living in." With the passage of time in middle of 20th century, this thought turned into a reality. People were relieved of the drudgery of household jobs with the availability of electricity and gadgets to help. More and more people started...
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How Internet Has Changed the Restaurant Business

After changing the lives of human beings forever, the internet has also entered into the realm of business—and done so in an effective way. Restaurants haven't been forgotten as technology moves forward at lightening speed. And while younger generations can take credit for the digital revolution, restaurant customers of all ages are embracing digital technology in order to stay connected to their favorite brands. As both digital technology and end users continue to grow, restaurant operators have adopted the internet and technological innovations that go along with it. This adoption of technology has helped the restaurant business to grow by...
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VoIP for Your Restaurant: What to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone System

A VoIP phone system is the right choice for your restaurant, and here's why: A VoIP phone system is the newest in phone system technology. You can send regular voice calls over a computer network instead of a traditional telephone line. The cost, compared with a conventional multi-line phone system, makes Voice over Internet Protocol an appealing alternative. VoIP phones systems for your restaurant are relatively easy to set up, especially if you are already connected to a single network. Consider both the benefits and potential risks listed below before making the switch in your phone system, including any associated...
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An Introduction – POS Systems for Restaurants

Almost every restaurateur has one question: Which POS system should I use? In the US, you can find dozens of point-of-sale systems, many of which cater specially to the restaurant industry. Each POS system claims to have the easiest interface, fairest price, most sophisticated software, best integration with reservation, and a host of other features. Adding to the confusion is the fact that wireless POS systems can now be used on iPads and other tablets. It's understandable that deciding on a POS system isn't easy; not only do POS systems for restaurants cost thousands of dollars to install... They also...
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Things to Keep in Mind When Opening a New Restaurant

Opening a restaurant in Boston is an amazingly exciting venture. In order to be successful, restaurant owners must do their homework to learn all there is to know about the surrounding restaurant business landscape. Here's What You'll Need to Be Successful: Patience Perseverance High threshold for stress And of course, a sense of humor   Also Read : How to Start a Killer Restaurant
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Why Use a POS System in Restaurants?

A point-of-sale system, otherwise known as a POS system, is so much more than a cash register. It is a touch-screen computer that allows the use of charts, and it records all transactions made within the restaurant. Almost every model has the capacity for fully-integrated accounting, inventory management, customer relations management (CRM), real-time video, service management, and payroll modules. Since restaurant point-of-sale system can be customized to meet specific needs, they work great with any restaurant concept. Improve Speed and Efficiency The POS system is very efficient. The employee enters an order into the system, which is directly sent to...
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How Restaurants Are Using Technology To Attract Customers

In today’s era of too much competition, restaurants are met with the daunting task of standing out from their competitors. Restaurants have to make their businesses run faster than their rivals in order to keep a higher rank and attract more customers. To keep up with the race, restaurants are using technology to bring in more customers. They are offering various kinds of technology services to their users in an effort to keep them coming back again and again, and become regular customers. Here's how restaurants are using technology to draw in customers: Restaurant Websites People generally search online before...
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How to Prevent Your Restaurant From Employee Theft

Employee theft is something that most restaurateurs encounter at one time or another. No matter how well you prepare or how knowledgeable you are, there is always a possibility of theft in your restaurant. Employee theft in restaurants can have many faces. Employees have been caught stealing customer’s credit card information, giving away free drinks and food to patrons without authorization, and stealing food or alcohol for themselves. Some employees only steal because they know they can get away with it, and the possibility of getting caught is slim. But if employees know you have a system in place to...
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How to Start a Killer Restaurant

Your background may be varied, extensive, and unusual, but you can still fulfill your dream of owning a restaurant. Adults who have worked in the restaurant industry have said at some point that they would like to own a restaurant someday. However, nobody ever dreams of owning a restaurant that fails. Here are some tips for would-be restaurateurs looking to own a successful restaurant: 1. Never Start Without These Four Rules No restaurant can succeed without a great location, a great chef, a great concept, and IT infrastructure—four fundamental components that all work together. Your location must fit your concept....
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Which Phone System Should Your Restaurant Use?

Phone systems are essential to all restaurants, regardless of size. Telephone technology apps in the dining establishments world can cover all distinct types of dining establishments. From small diners to large establishments, the type of phones system your restaurant uses mostly depends on your restaurant’s needs. The budget also plays a vital role, as more techno scientific equipment that comes with professional service and additional maintenance plans costs more than the simple home phone system. Having an effective communication system allows your restaurant to receive incoming calls for placing orders, as well as placing outbound calls to order supplies, or...
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Basic Tips For Hiring a Staff For Your Restaurant

  If you are new to the restaurant business, don't overlook the aspect of hiring and managing staff. As an owner, you're in charge of all the HR functions of the restaurant. This task includes all the hiring and firing of staff members, plus everything in between. Therefore, it's very important to hire the right kind of staff for your restaurant. All restaurant positions, such as waitstaff, bartenders, and kitchen staff, take a certain skill set and talent to complete these jobs well. Don't take the hiring process lightly. Take adequate time to find the best people to fill vacant...
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How To Choose a Phone System and Provider for Your Restaurant

Every restaurant needs a phone system, and your mobile line alone won't cut it. Below is a list of options for your phone system needs: Although we live in an era of texting and social media, your restaurant still needs a business phone system. To choose the right phone, you must first determine what your requirements are, how much you can pay, and whether you want to take a risk on new technology or use a traditional phone system. Find a Reliable Service Provider When looking for a service provider, there are two important boxes you need to check off...
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How To Protect Your Restaurant From An Internet Outage Using Failover

In today’s modern and technological era, almost every business' critical operations rely on an internet connection. Even a very short disruption in internet connection can mean lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity. Cash payments are rare these days; people are relying on more modern options. People are more tech-savvy today, so transactions are almost always made via credit or debit cards and other online payment methods. From credit card transactions to customer service apps, you depend on your internet network connection to handle all your restaurant's business operations in an intelligent, efficient manner. Along with these various jobs, network...
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Why Use a POE Security Camera System in Your Restaurant?

What is Power over Ethernet (POE)? It is a technology that allows the network cables to carry electrical power. For example, a digital security camera in your restaurant requires that two connections be made when it is installed: First Connection: A video connection to stream the video recording and display equipment at your business place. Second Connection: A power connection that will deliver the electrical power the camera requires in order to operate. Note: If your restaurant is PoE Security Camera System enabled, only the network connection needs to be made, as it will also receive its electrical power from...
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Why Should Your Restaurant Provide Free WiFi?

Whether you are new to the hospitality industry, or you have a lot of experience running a restaurant, you may be wondering if there is any value in offering free WiFi to your customers. Restaurants, pubs, and cafés not offering free WiFi for their customer are likely to be in the minority today. In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, you can offer something very exclusive which could produce huge returns. Free WiFi in Restaurants offers hospitality businesses a chance to bring in and hold onto new customers. Technology is an vital tool for restaurant owners. It allows individuals...
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5 Tips To Open a Successful Restaurant in Boston

The restaurant count is growing day by day in Boston. Boston is welcoming nearly 150+ restaurants every year to its dining landscape. Some of these businesses taste success seemingly overnight, while others do not. If you are planning on Opening a restaurant in Boston, the question is: How do you create a successful restaurant in Boston’s great competitive dining environment? LittleGecko will show you how! We will help you to redesign your restaurant according to customers' modernized requirements today. Below are tips on how to open a successful and thriving restaurant in the Boston area: 1. Stay Calm and Focused...
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How Important is Acoustics Remediation in Hospitality?

Interior acoustic quality in environments such as bars, restaurants, and cafés can have a significant impact on your customers and staff alike, affecting the hospitality business itself. Various factors affect the overall acoustic quality of these spaces, such as the background noise, speech, and architectural design of establishment. Places like bars, restaurants, and cafés traditionally have carpets on floors and soft furnishings. They used upholstered chairs, curtains, and tablecloths, which provide some sound-absorbing qualities. But recent trends are leaning towards a modern look, including high ceilings and hard surfaces. These features are very pleasing and are known to produce excessive...
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Top 5 Professional Restaurant Audio Video Systems

There are millions of restaurant locations in the US and abroad that are opening locations almost every week. Due to steep competition in the restaurant business, restaurant owners are getting increasingly creative in an effort to attract customers. Business owners are trying their hardest by doing everything possible to keep customers coming back time and time again. Restaurant owners are making their restaurants more modern day by day, because they understand the value of an entertaining atmosphere along with superb food and other great services and amenities. One way to move to the next level is by installing professional Restaurant...
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5 Quick Tips For Opening a Restaurant Boston

Here are 5 quick tips about restaurants you should know before opening a new restaurant business: 1. Deciding On a Restaurant Location If you are opening a new restaurant or looking to replace your existing restaurant in Boston, choose the area wisely. Because choosing the right location is not an easy job, you'll need to do extensive research on the competition, demographics, restaurant size, visibility, and more. You can work with a real estate agent who has expertise in restaurant real estate. Your agent will find the perfect site for your restaurant. When opening a restaurant Boston, get to know more...
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What You Don’t Know About Wifi—Littlegecko Could Be Costing More Than You Think

Key Pieces of Wifi Littlegecko If you would rather have a bulky camcorder with all of these characteristics, then you are going to be paying a high cost for it. A few more recent high-end camcorders are nowadays featuring 3D recording capabilities. For example, Sony is making a few really outstanding camcorders which could project a 60 inch image. They do so by recording two distinctive pictures. This is not something you'll locate in a full-size camcorder though. Complete size camcorders do a lot more than simply record videos these days. They do make a few really very good video...
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VoIP Service For Restaurants in Boston: A Game Changer

VoIP Phones It’s time to cut the cord with your company’s landline. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a modern day game changer when it comes to the way companies communicate. VoIP is a landline alternative that allows for video, voice, and text exchange over the internet. As a VoIP service provider, Little Gecko Technology can hook you up with this cost-effective tool to automate, analyze, and streamline your company’s communication system. Reasons to Switch to a VoIP System: Improved Communication The success of a business is dependent on effective communication. In addition to streamlining phone calls with customers,...
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4 Benefits of Using Power Over Ethernet Camera

If you’re considering a new video surveillance system for your home or business, the options can be overwhelming. Little Gecko Technologies can help you choose the best system for your needs and help to take advantage of the newest tech advances. One surveillance option to consider is a PoE security camera system. Unlike traditional cameras that require two cables to connect, PoE uses only one cable and is a smart, cost-effective way to keep your property secure. Here are a few reasons to consider this type of surveillance system: Ease of Installation Little Gecko will perform a quick and seamless...
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Internet Failover Solutions for Your Business

As a business owner, you use internet for every single aspect of your business. You know the frustration and dread that sets in every time the internet goes down and everything comes to a standstill. In addition to being unable to send or receive emails, you can’t run credit cards or use your scheduling systems. Plus, your security system may go down. At the very least, you lose hours of productivity and sometimes much more. What if there was a way to ensure that you would never have to rely on internet connectivity again, and you could rest assured that...
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