Failover Internet

You may have the fastest internet, but your business is still not immune to the outages or the slow connections. Whether you are a hotel, law firm, restaurant or retail store, every business needs a backup internet connection. In every aspect, a fast and reliable internet connection is the bloodline of any business.

Internet Failover Solutions

LittleGecko is a global leader in networking solutions. LittleGecko provides business grade and secure connectivity to businesses. Our award winning solutions is offering wireless connection in your restaurant can not only help speed up transactions on a busy night, but it can give your guests a better experience.

With LittleGecko, you’ll receive solutions that offer:

  • Secure and reliable connections
  • Easily managed networks
  • Customer support
  • Low-cost internet failover solutions

Internet Redundancy

The main principal of an internet fail-over is to achieve Internet connection redundancy. Businesses should certainly use one or more different types of connection methods as a fail-over alongside your main link.

There are different types of Internet connections available for businesses depending on your location. You should choose two or more different types of connections to maintain connectivity if Internet access is mission-critical. Many businesses usually choose a physical, wire-type connections, and back it up with a wireless connection, or vice-versa. So choose your option now and allow us to help you in setting it up a connection for you.