POE Cameras

Having a PoE camera is important to keep restaurants and bars safe and secure. While we hope that all patrons and passersby are well-meaning, that’s not always the case.

It’s impossible to know from day to day what may happen in the restaurant business. Some customers dine and dash, refusing to pay their bill. Protect your business against the unknown with a reliable security system.

PoE security cameras give restaurant owners and customers an excellent sense of security. We understand that the security of your restaurant, customers and staff is a high priority. Security cameras reduce crime in and around your business property, and provide a sense of safety to your customers and staff. Allow us to make your restaurant the safest place possible by installing PoE security cameras.

Why use PoE Security Cameras?

Before installing a PoE camera system, you must understand PoE technology. Network systems with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) use a single Ethernet cable to connect the camera & recorder. This cable simultaneously powers the camera and transmits the video. PoE cameras:

  • Are Simple and Reliable
  • Provide Video and Power
  • Offer Flexibility and Safety
  • Are Time and Cost Effective

What will PoE security cameras do for you?

  • Catch Thieves
  • Protect your Customers and Staff
  • Monitor Delivery Activity
  • Stave off Employee Thefts
  • Make you aware of any Suspicious Activity
  • Allow you to Monitor Activity from your Home