Design and install audio equipment with the size and shape of your space in mind to ensure the best quality sound output and listening results. Large spaces can be tricky when it comes to sound, and sometimes a little extra finessing is needed for sound to carry evenly and effectively. It's also important to banish or quiet unwanted sounds. We have the tools, equipment and expertise to ensure the acoustics in your space meet your needs.


Connect your business and customers to strong, reliable internet throughout your building. Large spaces may require multiple routers and boosters to ensure a strong signal. Running a business requires Wi-Fi, both for the internal aspects of the company, and externally for both customers and clients to connect. We create secure setups so that everyone can access the internet with lightning fast speed.


Use LTE to connect your business and avoid outages when internet fails. Keep your business online at all times with a reliable alternative to a traditional internet connection. With Failover Internet, your normal internet connection continues to run every aspect of your business. But when something goes wrong, which it inevitably does, the Failover kicks in and seamlessly continues service to all systems, as if nothing ever happened. Save your business from the frustration and loss resulting from downtime. Get up to speed with the newest technology and become more productive than ever.


We install in-ceiling and external speakers, integrated television wiring, projectors, projection screens, and televisions to create the audio and visual experience necessary for a given space. The most important part of the audio visual installation, besides the quality of the equipment, is the integration. Each piece of the system must be connected to ensure they all communicate correctly with each other, and for ease of operation. We take pride in putting together these systems and creating stunning audio and visual experiences for all types of spaces.


Power over Ethernet cameras allow high quality security recording with no separate power connections for simplified and streamlined installation and use. Cameras are the front line in security for businesses and homes, as they allow for visual surveillance of the happenings going on. Cameras that are powered over Ethernet are easier to install since they do not need an additional power line, which also means a more visually appealing installation with less cords. With no chance of a power cord giving out or malfunctioning, an Ethernet camera is more reliable than a regular security camera.


Voice over IP phones let you utilize the internet connection you already have, rather than a separate phone line, for secure reliable phone service for all your business needs. With VOIP phones, you never have to worry about telephone lines going down or cutting out, and you don't need to purchase service through a traditional telephone carrier. VOIP allows for efficient service that can be integrated with customized answering services and other personalized options.

Micros POS System Training

MICROS POS Systems offers innovative and customer-proven Point-Of-Sales solutions to suit all restaurant types, including Fine-Dining, Takeaway, Casual-Dining, Lounges, and Bakery establishments. It is preferred by leading brands in the hospitality business and accredited by successful proprietors and managers of restaurants and bars. In today's digital era, mobile-enabled technology offers many opportunities for the food and beverage operators to engage with its patrons, either through the patrons' smartphone or via the mobile devices used by the staff.