WiFi for Restaurants

Do not miss out on new revenue opportunities buy not offering a public/social Wi-Fi service in your restaurant. Because free Wi-Fi is not just for hotel guests any more. Restaurant operators are increasingly adding Wi-Fi facility in an effort to satisfy the growing number of customers, who wants to use their mobile devices everywhere without depleting their own data allowance.

In 2000s people started to become mobiles and cellular phones started to become even more accessible. 2G was the first technology that allowed the people to start browsing the web. In comes of 3G made smartphones the mini computers. This change has become a shift in the way we work. Suddenly, you could conduct business from anywhere and anytime.

Working from home is not always the best choice, especially if you didn’t have designated work space or an office. So, as a result, the people who wanted to work remotely but not from home, started looking for local restaurants and cafes where they could access Wi-Fi.

“So why not to add a new dish to your menu – A Free Wi-Fi”

Using our unique ” Little Gecko Tech Wi-Fi” solutions, you as an owner of restaurant can increase visitors and generate a steady revenue income.